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It is also one of the hardest books I have read because it was so goodConfused Allow I laughed so much reading The Unfaithful Widow Fragmented Memoirs of My First Year Alone by Barbara Barth that I forgot to cry Ev. Ually clasped her hands in glee Now there was someone who could perk you upJust back from dealing with the will I replied and made a sad face Then I did a full curtsey dipping and holding out my long skirt My widow's outfitI started to relax with the familiarity of the shop and smiled at herBlack since I'm a widow and turuoise jewelry 'cause I'm hip I liked the sound of thatShe was looking strangely at meI am hip aren't I I looked straight at her She'd better answer that one rightThe hippest She grinned at me with that remark She was forty five skinny and lived on the dge I was the sixty year old widowGood answ.

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Frankness is refreshing It is an asy read that will captivate and not want to be put down A very well written book and must read Barbara Barth s book The Unfaithful Widow has got be one of the best books I have read. To dating again He ran in the door looked at me and said I've left something in my car He never returned Sprinkle in a bevy of rescue dogs Finally a good nights sleep with someone new in my bed and those uestions you hate to ask Condoms anyone The Unfaithful Widow will steal a piece of your heart tickle your ribs and make you feel good to be aliveBook ExcerptTwo hours later I left the attorney's office too depressed to go home So I headed to the antiue shop where I have my booth It seemed the closest and friendliest place I could think ofWe've never seen you in a skirt the gal behind the counter remarked and act.

Barbara is not bashful about how she has survied the first year of widowhood No topic is off limits from annoying phrases people say when you ve just lost your husband to trying to get back into the dating world Her. Why The Unfaithful Widow Will Grab Your HeartThe Unfaithful Widow will take you on the ride of your life Not your traditional widow but a gal who is determined to become Super Widow with a little help from her friends a vintage corvette the online dating services advice from the spiritual world a pack of dogs and a few MargaritasAbout The BookThe Unfaithful Widow is a collection of candid ssays on finding joy again after the loss of a mate With warmth and laughter no subject is taboo From dealing with the funeral home Can I show you our upgraded cremation package I looked at Miss Death was I booking a vacation.

Author blogger sometimes antiue dealer jewelry designer and dog whisperer My life took an about face in 2008 with the death of my husband It turned me into a writer and dog hoarder I love a little drama but I want to find the positive side to everything that happens to me Capturing that in my writing is essential If I go a little to the dark side I want to sprinkle it with glitter and