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Illuminates a lot of aspects about the Canadian overnment such as the division and fusion of powers the theory of responsible Understanding Women government the Charter of Rights and Freedoms the judiciary the strengths and flaws of federalism among others The exact measured writing verges on legalese at times but the anecdotes and examples that abound within the text demonstrate the vibrancy of parliamentary argumentation in Canada Solid lay out of the systems the run Canadianovernmentpolitics The Canadian Regime is reat entry point to Canadian politics The authors outline who has power the constitution that ives them that power and the limitations and separations of power The book efficiently organizes information into short chapters with the Canadian constitution located in the appendix Appropriate examples are used to illustrate how the functions of Verdammt verliebt government are put into practice The authors successfully illustrate how Canada is a fusion of the WestminsterBritish and federalist American models of liberal democracy The information is slightly dated but I m unsure if I have the most recent copy This book is as much a textbook as a primer on the mechanics of Canadianovernment A The Way Between the Worlds (The View from the Mirror, great primer should you ever need to know about Canadianovernment Great overview of the whole Inverloch Volume 4 government of Canada Givingreat justifications for why things are the way they are Despite the fact it s a textbook it s a wonderful look Canadian The Good and Beautiful God government With freuent comparisons to the United States it is helpful in understanding how Western democracies play off each other Each has their own pros and cons toovernment I can definitely say that I feel informed about the overnment of my country after reading this book though I ll admit that I haven t finished it with the last third of this work being a copy of the constitution acts of 1867 and 1982 I ll also add that it s surprising to see how history records events having read Danny Williams The War with Ottawa it s author managed to fill almost 300 pages with his narrative but in a book of Canadian political history the whole event can be summed up into one paragraph I think one of the uestions I ve struggled with after having read Lament for a Nation is the idea of defining Canadian culture Outside of the uestion of as having come from an immigrant background if I m even ualified to answer that uestion Though I think after reading this work I ve come closer to an answer The very way our overnment is set up as a limited federation under a parliamentary overnment means that the different regions of Canada are eternally antagonizing each other uebec being the easiest example having a political party who s mission is essentially to try and leave the country altogether and being publicly defined by one Prime Minister as a nation within a nation The fact that the western provinces central Canada uebec and the maritimes have never seen eye to eye on decisions regarding their autonomy means that this idea of having a unified identity is impossible One can argue that the reason why Canada even exists is because our former colonies afraid of American expansion northwards simply decided to team up so as to not be Americans This is just my opinion after having read this work which itself was designed to be fairly unbiased and on the technical side I thought the authors did a reat job in writing something understandable and interesting for a layperson like myself and I d recommend this to. Lucid and readable The Canadian Regime is a well established well known introduction to Canadian The Horse in Celtic Culture government By explaining the inner logic of parliamentaryovernment as well as the underlying rationale for its institutions and processes the authors demystify what might appear to be a relatively complex politic.

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On members can criticize the overnment offer constructive alternatives and perhaps even succeed in pressuring the overnment to make changes to a bill or even withdraw it The opposition cannot prevent a cabinet with a parliamentary majority from doing as it pleases since the party in power will be definition be able to outvote the parties in opposition But effective criticism of a Every Boys Dream government s policy in a high profile setting such as Parliament can be very damaging to theoverning party s chances in the next elections By allowing opposition members to scrutinize and criticize the cabinet s conduct or policy then Parliament plays an essential role in keeping the overnment sensitive to the concerns of the voters Pg118Many Canadian have a negative impression of uestion Period because of the highly partisan and freuently hyperbolic character of the exchanges that take place during it Yet while there are ood reasons to be critical of some of the excesses of uestion Period no other forum allows for such intense and powerful criticism of A Succession of Bad Days government policy it is no coincidence that almost all the footage of parliamentary debate one sees on the television news is drawn from that source For all its faults then uestion Period is an essential device for allowing Parliament to perform its crucial role of keeping theovernment accountable to the public Pg125Another issue that emerges when we consider the matter of representation is the uestion of who can represent us According to the microcosm theory of representation legislative bodies are fully representative only if the assembly is a microcosm of society as a whole For example if 51 percent of the the population is female then 51 percent of the representatives ought to be female Similarly if the population is composed of diverse ethnic The Multi-Orgasmic Man groups the assembly should reflect that diversity The microcosm theory has always played some role in the Canadian regime As we saw in Chapter 6 the prime minister expected to form a cabinet that reflects our country s diversity not only ineographic terms but also in terms of religion ethnicity language and ender The microcosm theory is also becoming increasingly influential in deciding who is to be selected to serve on the Supreme Court of Canada Pg162The political parties in liberal democratic regimes are therefore best understood as attempts to serve both the ideal and the practical They must steer a moderate middle course between the extremes of powerless idealism on the one hand and the cynically unprincipled pursuit of power on the other There is no point in pursuing ideals that are attractive to only a very few voters Conversely the public will soon sour on the party or politician who is perceived to be without principles often labeling them opportunistic and cynical What we seem to want most are practical and pragmatic politicians who have political principles In other words we demand that our parties constantly manage the tension between theory and practice between high political principle and workable public policy Pg 180 Good concise commentary on Canadian Politics with some comparisons with American and British political systems Many strengths and weaknesses highlighted and reiterated the importance of participating in civic duties For a textbook this actually made for a very engaged reading experience Read this to prep for rad school Despite being a textbook I kind of enjoyed it And read it really uickly Huh. N federal election Discussions of responsible The Great Passage government and the role of the Governor General have been revised and expanded Coalitionovernment the Single Transferable Vote and the emergence of the Green Party are explained and new developments in Senate reform and Supreme Court appointments are also covered.

Other Canadian readers Some uotes I found interestingIt is undeniable that majority rule can and too often does involve unjust treatment of those in the minority For instance a majority of voters could elect a The Beast House / After Midnight government that would forbid members of a non white minority to own property Such legislation would be democratic in that it expresses the will of the majority but it would also be unjust The fact that something is democratic does not necessarily mean that it is right In contemporary terms we would distinguish between a decent democratic regime and tyranny of the majority For us democracy has come to mean rule by the majority that respects the rights of all individuals including those who may be in the minority We use the constitutions to provide protection against unrestrained majoritarianism Pg5The supremacy of Canada s constitutional laws is thus stillrounded in the fact that they are statutes of our mother parliament in Westminister in order to Off Leash (Freelance Familiars Book 1) give our constitutional order a independent foundation it was proposed that the federal Parliament and the ten provincial legislatures should each pass a resolution adopting Canada Act 1982 This it was suggested would make our constitution like a Lockean social contract The problem with this strategy however is that theovernment of uebec which has always opposed the agreement now embodied in Canada Act 1982 refused and continues to refuse to pass such a resolution Nevertheless the Act is valid in uebec as well as in the rest of Canada because the British Parliament has declared it so Pg27In Canada on the other hand just the opposite is true Almost from the beginning Canadian political life has been dominated by uarrels over the nature of our federal arrangements The point should be obvious if one considers for a minute only a few of the semi permanent issues that plague our political agenda all of which are problems of federalism uebec separatism Western alienation responsibility for funding health care and other services regional economic development and constitutional reform Canada is probably the only country in the world where issues of federalism are the national political obsession The uebec uestion has always been at bottom a dispute over the division of jurisdiction between the I Walk in Dread government of uebec and the federalovernment Pg70The power rights and privileges of the Canadian Crown are vested in the ueen or King of Canada Our monarch is by law the same person who serves as the monarch of Britain but it is important to note that this person is serving in two distinct positions One might say that Elizabeth II wears a number of different crowns a British crown a Canadian crown an Australian crown and so on She is a monarch with many dominions The important point is that with respect to Canada she is the ueen of Canada Pg99In order to understand properly the role of Parliament in the Canadian regime it is necessary to look at that institution in the light of the changes that have followed from the emergence of disciplined political parties Though Parliament is sill a legislative body and the House of Commons still has the power to make or break a The Life You Save government the development of party discipline and the resulting transfer of parliamentary power to the cabinet have left Parliament with a new role The primary purpose of the modern parliament is to make the cabinet accountable for its actions to the public Parliament provides a forum in which oppositi. Al system Urging readers to consider the organic nature of the political system in which change in one area inevitably ripples through the rest of the system the authors provide much than just a description of the features ofovernmentThe fourth edition has been updated to include analysis of the 2008 Canadia.