Donna Spencer: A Practical Guide to Information Architecture

Els are those that are clear even if somewhat lengthy or boring came very much in handy The short chapters are easy to peruse or keep you focused if you re reading linearly I completed this book within a week during an IA project And the clarity it provided me probably saved my working group two weeks of progress with a satisfactory outcomeAnother great book by the publisher Rosenfeld Media I highly recommend this book for any project managers on web redesign or intranet redesign projects as well as any newcomer or intermediate design professionalsAfter reading this book I feel I have a good foundation of the methodologies and thinking of IA and it sparked my apetite to find out The one draw back of this book is it is entirely anecdotal and based on Donna s rules of thumb from over a decade of expertise I would have appreciated if it cited peer reviewed research vs the author s personal experience regard some of the rules of thumbs Specifically when talking about what navigational elements are most usable Such an easy read but it took me soooo long Pretty straightforward book but for website designers This book was an excellent primer into developing an information architecture though I wish it would have focused on the actual creation of the IA understanding categories and how to incorporate all the information you get from the design research Self promoting too general bookI read 14% of the book and then randomly umped to what I thought would be relevant parts Everything is way too generaly exposed no real methodology patterns or eye openung case studies This is ust writing for the sake of being called an author unfortunatelly Obviously I don t recommend this book. Ble to run your own IA projects Whether it's organising content providing clear descriptions or ways for people to get to them this book is armed with practical advice and exampl.

This was a great primer on the practice of information architecture As a young IA I found a lot of the information refreshed things I already knew but there was also some new information as well I think experienced IAs would find this uite basic so it might not be the best book for all you seasoned prosOf the new stuff that I learned from this book probably the most helpful was the section on IA testing Now I ve done usability testing and card sorting before but I hadn t yet read a detailed methodology for testing a site architecture after it was reasonably established but before any of the wireframing or design work had started skip to chapter 19 for this I m going to try to implement at least some level of this testing into my projects from now onAlso this was the first book I read on the iPad and I wrote up some thoughts on that experience on my blog This was a decent introduction to IA and website design that I d recommend to someone new to the subject Unfortunately for me it covered a lot of concepts and strategies I was already familiar with CompleteIf you re interested in information architecture and I mean seriously interested in it this book is well worth reading It s a comprehensive and practical reference that could sit on your desk as you work through your first client briefs or coursework projects It s a little dry in places and could be brought up to date for the responsive design and app era which is why it s three stars But the fundamentals are strong it s all about the user and the research remember It also benefits from Donna Spencer s extensive commercial experience this is not an academic book and arguably is all the better for it Highly recommende. If you're a website designer intranet manager or someone without much Information Architecture experience this book answers all those uestions you were afraid to askDrawing on he.

D Another great book from Five Simple Steps I d never attempted to think or speak about IA in the scientific way that has become ubiuitous in the industry This book is a great dive into the theory and vernacular of IA and has allowed me to accurately communicate ideas that I ve been thinking for over 10 years A good basic introduction to organising information well done Donna this is a brilliant introduction to Information Architecture Even as someone with years of experience I picked up a few new tips and tricks from this book Well worth my time and a beautifully written and designed book While there are and will be IA experts who are available to tackle the really wicked challenges this book is like putting Industrial Strength Information Architecture in the hands of everyday practitioners While I feel this book is valuable for any business professional working on a redesign I think individuals that are already familiar with user centered design will find the most valueI rated this book four stars but five stars is unatainable for this subject area Any further in scope or depth and this book would not have been accessible to newcomers to IA or it would have become a textbook vs a practical guide The author wisely ends the book without going into too much depth regarding the design Ultimately the further intricacies of site design are better covered elsewhereDonna structure s the book through the complete lifecycle of the IA process I was in the middle of an IA project when I picked up this book It was incredibly useful and a few of the myths this book dispelled myth people either search or browse they don t do both in addition to its message that the best topic lab. R many years experience of practising and teaching Information Architecture Donna Spencer guides you through some simple steps to better IA and leaves you feeling empowered and

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