Clyde Allison: Our Man From Sadisto (Agent 0008, #1)

Online epub Our Man From Sadisto (Agent 0008, #1) by Clyde Allison – chernov–

Meet secret gent 0008 the most talented My Lady Viper (Tales From the Tudor Court, and irresistible killer in the Free World Follow hims he emba.

Rks on the most dangerous mission of his career to ravish his way through hundreds of pretty girls t.

The lair of madman Thus might the world be saved by Our Man From SADISTOCovert rt by Robert Bonfils.

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Clyde Allison was a pseudonym for William Knoles Most famous for the 0008 series Knoles has often been regarded as one of the few great sleaze writers He mostly published with William Hamling's various houses writing a book almost every month between 1960 and 1968 Knoles was a reader for Scott Meredith Literary Agency when Meredith began supplying Hamling with manuscripts Beginning with The