Monika Wikman: Pregnant Darkness Alchemy and the Rebirth of Consciousness

Tor The book is discursive It drifts and becomes highly repetitive and at times reminded me f a protracted doctoral thesis Wikman s personal stories and case histories are unsettling The author seems completely A Philosophy of Cinematic Art oblivious to the fact that she lives a very sheltered privileged life and that this perspective might damage her credibility She is not ashamedf her narrow perspective she boasts about it On nearly every page we find something about her jetting back and forth between her The Potato Hack: Weight Loss Simplified office in California and her ranch in Santa Fe Or her trip to France Or her famous artist clients I couldn t help but cringe every time I read the personal stories thinking that theynly helped reinforce the stereotype that Jungian analysis is nly for wealthy new age kooks who have nothing better to do with their time Jung deserves better than thatI am ambivalent At times particularly in the first 30 pages the book s content is first rate Els. Pregnant Darkness shows that alchemy is at work in contemporary everyday life Alchemical symbolism properly understood can be applied to unraveling the meaning f visions in meditation active imagination and dream work Wikman shows how readers can participate in the divine energies to help miraculous changes ccur in their livesWikman writes In Greek mythology Pegasus upon taking to the air pushed hard with a back hoof and penetrated the earth A spring rose up where his hoof dashed the earth and in this hole the muses resi.

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Ewhere it s not If time and effort had been spent in revision I imagine we would have seen true alchemical gold As a dream interpreter this book adds another layer to the complex messages that we conjure when we dream Carl Jung was brilliant in making the connection between dreams and the greater concept Scab of alchemy For me these have been two until now mutually exclusive subjects that have fascinated me for a long time The correlation convincingly presented in this book is deeply satisfying Monika Wikman has done an extraordinary job in expounding the essencef alchemical psychology in The Pregnant Darkness Her book is filled with exacting and illuminating readings In a World Created by a Drunken God of the worksf Jung and Von Franz among Indo No Kao others and very detailed and captivating dream analyses drawn from yearsf careful clinical work and deep engagement with the infinite mysteries f the bjective psyche and psychoidal realms concerning the psychoid De One Giant Peach Yodel of the rolesf the religious function Sinai and Zion of which Jung speaks is to bring us toward that inner springf the muses where something beyond ego resides instructs and inspires Like a hole created from Pegasus' leaping foot contact with this inner spring ften entails a crack in ur field f rdinary consciousness In the inner world the spring f living symbols and accompanying presences is the source f dreams and visions as well as the fountain Iniquity of inspiration at the heartf poetry art ritual mythology and even religion.

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Chris Drucker rec Much to love but some not to likeThe positives It s an enriching book I am going through some difficult times and can apply much f the book s wisdom to my situation Wikman s text is itself like the dark light f Mercury showing the reader a way through life s greatest challenges Wikman shows how crises can be embraced as pportunities for greater wholeness and that s a wonderful approach to existence The author also has some insightful commentary Annual Report of the Officers of the Town of Holderness, N. H: Year Ending January 31, 1937 (Classic Reprint) on Western culture and she suggests ways that we can collectively begin to heal I typed eight pagesf notes from the book and I will certainly refer back to themNow the negatives Who is Wikman s target reader If it s an amateur seeker the Jungian argot is too thick If it s a student Gardening with Shape, Line and Texture: A Plant Design Sourcebook of Jungian thought the subject has been written about extensively before and Wikman doesn tffer much in the way f riginal perspective Wikman could have benefited from an edi. Author psychologist and astrologer Monika Wikman has worked for decades with clients and their dream symbols and witnessed the presence Livin' de Life of the divine hand at work in the psyche In The Pregnant Darkness Wikman shows readers that the best way to cope with their darkest hours is by fostering a connection to the deeper currentf life those mysteries that give life form and meaning Wikman's analysis The Amazing Dreams of Andrew Latter of dream material leads readers into a practical explanationf alchemical symbolism Far from being a uaint ancient practice The.