Terry Ravenscroft: Air Mail Letters From The World's Most Troublesome Passenger

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I was really excited to get this book after seeing it on the internet however it was a good as i expected It was too long and all the letters seemed to be the same so I got bored I was also unsure if the letters were real or not Indeed this is not someone whose signature you want to see on a letter Dude is way annoying but it s intentional I m not sure if that makes him Class A Brilliant or just a really overpaid asshole If I worked in the PR department of any of the airlines to whom the letters in this book are addressed I m retty sure I d vote for the latter Here s a uestion he doesn t address how many letters did he sent that never drew a response of any kindI m not sure why I finished this book except that it was easy reading My opinion he s a jerk Pretty disappointed in this book as I thought it would be a lot funnier A collection of interestingfunnyamusing letters written to various airlines from the world s most troublesome Orange 5 (オレンジ, passenger I enjoyed this book It was easy to read withlenty of laugh out loud moments. No company is safe from the odd and incisive wit of Terry Ravenscroft and in this uproarious collection of epistles he targets the worlds from Terry on issues ranging from uality.

I received this for christmas and finished it the same dayas a freuent flyer i understand the frustrations that were written about and thought some of the ideas were very funnyworth a read specially if you ve ever had a frustrating flight Letters from the most troublesome air The No-Spend Challenge Guide: How to Stop Spending Money Impulsively, Pay off Debt Fast, Make Your Finances Fit Your Dreams passanger everGenuine letter from one traveler to different to different air lines complaining about anything and everything tiny little insignificant things all the way to something huge in his mind anyway You can t help but laugh at some of the things that he comes out with and cringe at the same time as how someone can actually be like this and think that they can just reuest freebies and compensation for no reason1 funny butathetic at the same time brought from a charity shop and went back there too This book is amusing and laugh out loud funny It brightened a grey day A uick amusing read with lots of laugh out loud moments as well as severe cringeworthy sections I am still astounded that airlines actually took the author s complaints seriousl. Pricing and taste to advertising campaigns as well as roblems such as an inability to find the nuts in Nutella spread despite going through it with a fine tooth comb Combining hy.

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Y enough to respond to him but I guess the customer is always right not matter how delusional and off the wall A series of letters to airlines and travel companies complaining and commenting on ridiculous things I can t believe he actually sent these which means he made them all up for the sake of humour and they re not funny just stupid Skip this one This was terrible and failed to amuse meMany of the letters seemed far too fantastical to believe that they had actually been sent and replied to Ravenscroft tried too hard to be hilarious and failed miserably to get even a tiny smile from meAlso I m not sure if I m being a bit of a rude here but I found some of the letters to be uite racist and Spring Snow patronising I understand it was all in jest but surely there are better ways to incite laughter in someone than to mock their mistakes when using a language that isn t their mother tongueI hadlanned to read another of Ravenscroft s letter based novels but have decided against it Please avoid him at all costs if you value your time. Sterical The Greatest Victory premises with sly nods to the megalomania of global corporations this is theerfect compendium for anyone who has ever wanted to really speak their minds to big business.

The day after I threw in my mundane factory job to become a television comedy scriptwriter I was involved in a car accident which left me unable to turn my head Since then I have never looked backBefore they took me away I wrote BBC television comedy scripts for Les Dawson The Two Ronnies Morecambe and Wise Alas Smith and Jones Not the Nine O’Clock News Ken Dodd Roy Hudd and several other