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All ight CharactersGriffinThat about sums up my 6 Verses That Can Change Your Life reaction to him He is offically my favoriteomance hero of all time He is funny caring warm hard working sexy as hell loving and on top of that he s described as not being handsome which made me very happy Yeah that sounds weird but it s true His interactions with Hero were swoon worthy Also he s such a sweetie to his mother which is adorable On top of this he works his beautiful butt off to support his family while his ass of a brother sits on his ass complaining and being all pompous and narrow minded and stodgy and boring I just love Griffin love the way he fell for Hero so fast and wanted her and only her but most of all I just love him I will not abide ANYONE saying a bad word about my babyHeroFor once I found the heroine likable and not annoying Toward the beginning she was a tad stiff but it was nice to see her come out of her shell with Griffin s help Griffin definitely unlocked her inner passion Before she fell for Griffin she was very obedient and prim but he changed everything and I d like to think he brought out the Lets Be Just Friends (Just Friends, real Hero Despite her denials I KNEW she loved Griffin because it was so clear in her actions and in her thoughts Notice how everything I like about Heroelates back to GriffinThomasThomas the Ass Or Thomas of Asslandia Ugh This man disgusts me He spent years and years treating his brother like crappio all because his dumb bitch wife said Griffin had seduced her Of course the Ass automatically believes her because you know there s no such thing as lying and efuses to believe Griffin Even yearssss later he says to someone I efused to give him the satisfaction of believing him Okay so he efuses to believe Griffin because it would satisfy Griffin Are you kidding me Is that a joke He s the suckiest brother ever and hates Griff because he s jealous of him His type annoys me I m onto him and his ilk I AM ON TO HIMNow don t confuse the Ass with asses This is an assThis is a nice sweet ass who deserves love and kindness Now this is THE Ass It s too bad he gets to be happy in the end poutsAlso this is how I picture Maximus the Gorilla of JerklandiaThe Gorilla threatened my Griffy Poo and this was me when he didYep That was me I liked uite a few of the side characters too Phoebe Hero s sister and Megs Griffin s sister I m still wondering if we ll see of The Makepiece siblings I liked Winter better in this book than the last And I still want to know who the Ghost of St Giles is I still like Silence and as I did in the previous book I feel very very sorry for her and I m looking forward to her book RelationshipOhhh the chemistry between Hero and Griffin was electric As Griffin said they are like bread and butter they go together so so well And their love making washot There were uite a few of lervin scenes but not too many I know I know but I don t like when there s a sex scene on every page and I enjoyed them all because well Griffy Poo was invloved so Additiona. From the New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Hoyt comes the second book in her beloved Maiden Lane seriesTheir lives were perfect Lady Hero Batten the beautiful sister of the Duke of Wakefield has everything a woman could want including the perfect fiancé True the Maruis of Mandeville is a trifle dull and has no sense of humor but that does.

Lly their love was so potent so obvious that it jumped off the pages and when I was not eading this book I counted down the minutes till I could ead it again I thought about the characters even when not eading and they also felt like eal characters people I d actually want to knowThere s just something about this series It s haunting beautiful ugly awful wonderful dark gritty funny and not at all cliche I wasn t once bored while eading it and that s are for me I am VERY PICKY as I point out all the time but this bookit just eally did it for me The writing style sucks me in for some easonI LOVED the end of this book Thomas did not edeem himself in my eyes because he s the Ass and is mean to Griffy Poo However Griffin is happy and in love and Hero is very worthy of him so I m happy Sueee Although I just want to say that I wish things could have worked out better between Thomas and Griffin because I spent the whole book waiting for them to sort of make up sad faceOh and there was only ONE mention of a single buck in this book so props to Elizabeth Hoyt for that HeroGriffinHaha Yep How omantic she drawled in a bored social voice that set his teeth on edge to think that love has anything to do with marriage Our heroine Hero I ll pause to let you work that one out is another woman of her time thinking marriages are for enhancing your family and sex is for men and their mistresses Our hero Heroine just kidding Griffin has somewhat erroneously bore the ne er do well family title He s the second born but manages the family finances and set them up in the illegal gin business Hero is engaged to Griffin s brother Thomas who thinks Griffin seduced his first wife Hero s brother Wakefield is on a crusade to destroy all gin makers Griffin is fighting off a ival gin maker Thomas is fighting his love for his mistress Hero s little sister Phoebe is going blind and oh with all that Griffin and Hero are falling into sex err love I mean love But he knew Oh yes he knew he was in over his head and sinking fast This story felt a little bit like a throwback to the old 80 and 90 s not uite full bodice ipper but there were melodramatics happening alongside numerous boot knocking scenes I feel a little traitorous but the many sex scenes detracted from the story for me instead of making me feel the closeness of Griffin and Hero I m going to put some of the blame on my personal distaste for how Hero was engaged to Griffin s brother and still proclaiming to marry him until very late in the story both Griffin and Hero s actions felt pretty icky to me The author worked hard to make Thomas if not villainous pretty unlikable until the very end where she tried to edeem him through a love story didn t work for me There was something else here as well It was a terrible sorrow a welling joy as if all the emotion she d ever held in check or pushed away was suddenly ising to the surface She couldn t control her face couldn t control her body She was comi. N't bother Hero Until she meets his notorious brother Until they met each otherGriffin Remmington Lord Reading is far from perfect and he likes it that way How he spends his days is a mystery but all of London knows he engages in the worst sorts of drunken evelry at night Hero takes an instant dislike to him and Griffin thinks that Hero with her ch.

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Ng apart and she d never be able to pin herself back together again With the brother between them I just had a hard time eally warming up to Hero and Griffin as a couple separately I thought they were good characters The sex scenes became over played and I started to skim them a tiny bit there were so many but again my dislike could come from dang Thomas not being shoved out earlier The gin story plot felt like an introduction for Hero s brother Wakefield his aggressive stance against it The danger Griffin faced because of it the villain wasn t given near enough pages to feel flushed out and how it ended felt glossed over The surrounding world and characters felt full and eal and I eally liking Hoyt s London I ve already ead Phoebe s story so seeing glimpses of her here broke my heart but knowing what s in story helped to heal it The secondary Silence story makes an appearance again and I can t wait to ead about her and Charming Mickey 4 A buddy ead with the incurable omantics at the MacHalos We need love in our lives This is the second book in the Historical Romanc Not as good as the first one but I still liked itOur female s name is Hero and the male is shit forgot his name already Let s just call him Bad Brother or BB for shortSo Hero meets BB by walking in on him sticking it to a married woman at her engagement party Engagement to his brother Apparently something must have been impressive because a 5 STARSThis one was a total winner for me Loved it from beginning to end Lord Griffin Reading was somewhat of an arrogant arse which I m sure is why I loved him so much Don t ask me why buy I am just enad by the total jerks in these books His dirty mouth could light a glacier on fire Sexy as fuck That is all I can say I dare he muttered because I m selfish and black hearted and vain I dare because you are what you are and I am what I am I dare because I cannot otherwise I ve lived too long without bread or wine crawling desperate in a lonely barren desert and you my darling Lady Perfect are manna sent directly from heaven above He wanted to imprint himself upon her To make her acknowledge that he was than simply a friend or a potential brother in law To ensure she never forgot him He wanted to engrave himself upon her very bones Lady Hero Batten was one classy chick who knew how to handle herself At least until she was in the presence of himI was a little surprised by the lack of Lady H s will power against his intense seduction especially for a virgin but hey who am I to judge I would have crumbled even sooner no doubt Hell that carriage scene fuck You say my name like a lover so soft so sweet I want to lick the word from your lips sip the exhaled breath from your mouth I want to possess you utterly Right now Right here The ghost of St Giles is lurking about and there were a few clues about his identity And there was a good introduction into the next book as well No complaints with this one Can t wait for the next book. Arities and faultless manners is much too impeccable for society let alone his brother Yet their near constant battle of wits soon sparks desire desire that causes their carefully constructed worlds to come tumbling down As Hero's wedding nears and Griffin's enemies lay plans to end their dreams forever can two imperfect people find perfect true lov.

Elizabeth Hoyt is a New York Times bestselling author of historical romance She also writes deliciously fun contemporary romance under the name Julia Harper Elizabeth lives in Minneapolis Minnesota with three untrained dogs and one long suffering husband