Squire Rushnell: God Winks on Love

O read it The stories in here are all lovely I am a sappy romantic so it was definitely right p my alley This was one of those books that gives you hope that somewhere out there is the perfect person for you You just have to wait and watch out for those godwinks I highly recommend this one I think every woman deserves to meet a Gary Conover including me He is the epitome of a modern Prince Charming He justified what I believe is that if a man truly love and care for a woman then he will go out of his way to make her feel special and wanted All along I thought. Gether the blueprint for your life was written with an exact fitting piece just for you and your soul mate Yes within that jigsaw puzzle called Your Life there is a perfect love Sure sometimes you feel as if all the pieces have been dumped out.

Someone like him could only exist in one s head because he really is too good to be true Of course the author substantiated his belief with other real life characters but Gary Conover stood out the most for me That s what I got out of the book But the book is really about the coincidences that happen in our lives Perhaps there s to it than meets the eye Random events that serve as signposts to guide and support whatever choices we made It s an easy refreshing book to read I liked his first book God Winks better These stories got really repetitive and old fast. On the dining room table and there's no way to get them to fit together We all do That's why you must have confidence in the big picture And that's why you must learn to read the godwinksthose remarkable little coincidences that happen to s al.

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Again a bit too religious for my tastes like the original God Winks book I did enjoy reading about the serendipitous relationships It was very plifting I love this book because it has so many stories on how God placed the person chosen for them in their life It was through the signs and affirmations from God which opened their eyes to love in front of them I can honestly say that I recieved my Godwink and he is a miracle in my life I am absolutely in love with this book A friend of mine gave it to me as a gift and I m very thankful to have the opportunity You are destined to have a soul mate If you have faith in the outcome the picture of love you have in your mind can be yours So trustand learn to read the godwinks Like a jigsaw puzzle in which you know that all the pieces will fit precisely to.