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Stunning and profound photos Thought provoking and still relevant writings I borrowed this book from a library but am eager to purchase this book to revisit again and again Photos are very nice if black and white photos are your thing the ones of man made stuff were a fitting but unusual inclusion as most books about AA s stuff are very nature heavy for obvious reason The intro was actually a great primer on why a reader should care about this kind of collection especially beneficial for folks that don t have much experience with this kind of work Got this as a gift and picked it up recenty and started looking at it for the pictures However there s a lot to this one than pictures Actually if you re looking for the Ansel Adams classics that everyone knows don t look here This book is something else entirely lots of lost negatives that haven t been published much or at all before lots of the famous pictures from another perspective or 3 or 4 steps off Really fascinating to see the light and outlook on the entire scene change from what you think you know Also throughout the book and in a special appen. It was the United States Department of Interior that commissioned Ansel Adams to document the country's national parks Though the project was suspended after ust one year because of World War II Adams was

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The picture but the Rockies have an obvious grandeur that leaves me as most people I suppose awestruck THE BOOK OFFERS A COLLECTION OF ANSEL ADAMS PHOTORGRAPHS OF THE NATIONAL PARKS AS WELL AS HIS ESSAYS AND LETTERS ON PROTECTING THEM Wilderness or wildness is a mystiue A religion an intense philosophy a dream of ideal society these are also mystiues Ansel AdamsDonald Trump we the people of this nation will not allow you and your minions to destroy our National Parks This is an amazing book Never have we had to fight this hard to preserve the sacred earth as we have during this absurd administration I obviously love Ansel Adams and his work but I have never read any of his essays speeches correspondence etc which was the most enjoyable part of reading this book I now have confirmation that he is a kindred spirit of my main man Muir and must read his autobiography and other things What an amazing soul Masterful as always This was a delight Largely because all things Ansel Adams are a delight and also because these images of the American west speak to me in the language of home everywhere and alway. Ains and the southwest's ancient adobes fill the book's pages Perusing this palm sized volume is akin to touring the country's natural monuments with this most gifted nature photographer along as a companion.

Dix at the end are numerous copies of letters and telegrams that Adams wrote especially to lawmakers dealing with the National Parks creationpreservation over the course of his career A new take on Ansel Adams as activist Worth the read Ansel Adams first personally experienced the beauty and grandeur of Yosemite National Park when he was 14 years old About a decade later he began his lifelong work of preserving the beauty of nature by photographing as much of the wilderness areas as he could and by using those photos to lobby Congress to preserve the national park areas Many of the letters he wrote to presidents and to various members of government are included hereThe photos in this book remind me of areas already visited and enjoyed and make me want to visit other parks that are known to me only by name The cover alone is enough to throw me into reverie the Grand Tetons and the Snake River My family used to vacation in the West in summertime when I was a child and my wife grew up in Wyoming More commonly the landscape I paint in my head would involve a lake and pine trees with a boat somewhere in. Till able to create uite a few astonishingly beautiful photographs of the American landscape Arresting images of Yellowstone's geysers the Grand Canyon's ravines Glacier and Grand Teton national parks' mount.

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