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Aith is based on experience it will always flicker and change Striving is arma grace is the path Bring the mind to one point then wait for grace Desire and belief systems shape reality Love dissolves boundaries and is universal Love service and devotion are the Im Not Millie! keys The three worlds are simply a magic show where liberation is merely the end of error Compassion is a focus on helping the needs of others The spirit is transferred into other s hearts by loving giving and serving This is providing presence comfort and protection In this way each receives only what theirarma allows We enter each other and merge in each other s presence when we truly let our ego guards down This reuires true focus on one s soul It s only love the open you are the you can receive it There must be a transformation from personal to impersonal love Empty all forms then go deeper Silence the mind to make space for grace Then bring your mind to one point and wait for grace It s than possible to Salvation: A Novel (Salvation Sequence) keep both spiritual and familial worlds going Drugs can be a distraction from the pursuit of God Psychedelics can help you see but they are not the way to spirituality Spirituality isare theeys to the mind This is seeing vs understanding Miracles and powers are only used in the relief of suffering Miracles only happen when one nows it all but only does that which will help Siddhas only take birth to help others and spread spiritual vibrations It s for grace without reason or cause Food worship wealth wife should all be ept private No type of work is insignificant when helping others Serving people is service to God Think about what giving will give rather than what one gets Think of giving than what one gets Anything and everything real exists in the spaces in between all life what remains The spaces in between are mind moments which universes are created and destroyed too uickly to tell This is God beyond any concept of God This is how we can be in God and in the world Thinking of another is a channel for love To Be Love Now embrace every moment as it is No need to cling to the past nor create expectations for the future The most perfect moment is now the eternal now There is nothing to see you can only be There is nothing to do there is no doer Once you have drunk from the water of unconditional love no other well can satisfy your thirst The pangs of separation may become so intense that seeking the affection of the Beloved becomes an obsession Ram Dass Be Love Now The Path of the HeartI love Ram Dass I love BE LOVE NOW I feel closer to my own Guru Babaji than I have felt in years A in depth review will follow but for now this will do Interesting book Very far out but then it was the age of the hippy when Ram Dass made his pilgrimage I was really interested to find out what I it might be like to spend time in the presence of an eastern guru and this book opened my eyes and changed my view on what a eastern guru really is like They re not as simple or as stereo typical as I had thought they would be if you are just beginning to get interested in the spiritual side of things this book can be a bit much It doesn t really explain things in simple terms and I found it a little hard to relate to as a newbie I much Ram Dass is an excellent teacher and gets his message across in a very easy to understand way I admit I never Transnasal Endoscopic Skull Base and Brain Surgery knew much about Ram Dass back in the 60 s when he returned from India and was teaching Americans what he learned But recently I watched an interview he did with Oprah and was fascinated by his philosophy and history I wanted tonow Be Love Now Be Here Now The Path of the Heart was very worthwhile reading for me Ram Dass describes his India experiences and what he learned there I gained understanding of the Hindu philosophy and obtained some fresh aspects of understanding to help me in my own uest to grow my relationship with God I see this book as about living in the present moment living each moment in a state of love always seeking to expand your understanding relationship and one ness with God So glad I read this book So during the first half of the book Be love now really conveyed some powerful messages in a way that I feel is pretty rare once you ve read many self help books This was also intertwined with some uite uninteresting and uite irrelevant at least when it comes to your personal development stories about Ram Dass formative years making me think of this book as an unpolished gemBut the second half of it was pure nonsense stories about what miracles some gurus had done ie one guru asked the local shopkeepers about oil for his lamp and when he didn t get any he poured water into the lamp and was able to light the lamp So my recommendation for anyone wanting to read this book would be to try to sift through the irrelevant stories of the first half and try to cherry pick the really nice pieces which it really has I so wish Ram Das was as good of a writer as he is a storyteller When I feel myself becoming paranoid or lost in material stuff Ram Dass always puts me back on the right path He has been doing this for over 30 years and this time was no different Since Ram Dass is no longer traveling to teach I was afraid that was the end of the road so I was very happy to have one book And this book does not disappoint If you ve read the classic Be Here Now you have to read Be Love NowAlthough I ve seen Ram Dass many times I have never seen Maharaj ji and Souvenirs de dbauches knew very little about him In Be Love Now Ram Dass shares many collected stories about his beloved guru The photo of Maharaj ji on page 161 was phenomenal His penetrating gazeept pulling me in and I can only imagine the force of seeing those eyes in person Ram Dass warns that Maharaji ji s eyes had the power to take you into full samadhi and so he ept his eyes half closed because people could not bear the forceThe last part of this book describes the lives of other great saints and realized beings many of whom I had never heard of I devoured this book very fast but like all my beloved guru s books I will read Be Love Now again and agai. Piness and Jon Kabat Zinn’s Coming to Our Senses Ram Dass’s Be Love Now will serve as a lodestar for anyone seeking to enhance their spiritual awareness and improve their capacity to serve and love the world around th.

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The first few pages of the book were really powerful for me They got me really excited to experience the gifts that Ram Dass had to offer I started off getting some very wonderful pearls of nowledge from it But that waned after I got maybe a third of the way into the book My experience began to become one of meandering and repetition I think the core ideas of this book are marvelous But I think they could ve been expressed in about a third as many pages Also the book has a lot of illustrations in it but none of them have footnotes uite often I found myself looking at photo and wondering who these people were and what do they have to do with the section that I am reading More Ram Dass He writes about his experiences within Hinduism offering the uniue perspective of a one time Harvard professor who dropped out of Western society to become the devotee of a guru in India As such he has a sympathy for and connection with Western audiences that is rarely found in the writing of other Eastern spiritual authors His writing is completely heartfelt humble and compassionateHis most famous book Be Here Now is much less approachable than this Here his theme is the transformative power of love how it is Getting here from there as a 27 year old I set out on an intensely personal uest for self realization finding myself on the same path so many others have traveled before Ram Dass was very transparent about his own desire system and need for approval This reflection works well for elevating one s consciousness Psychedelic experiences and humorous self deprivation help with the dissolution of the ego Higher consciousness is the goal of enlightenment Change is the only constant The things change the things stay the same It s all only love life is love may we all be love and be love now You are loved simply for existing This love will always be here It s like being in water that s all made of love This love is found not in our emotional or physical heart but in the depths of our spiritual heart This is the heart of pure awareness connected to the universe This is a state of being that brings unconditional love The state of being love is oneness Truth consciousness bliss is love that completes all naturally Conditional love is from an interpersonal standpoint Enlightened ones can bring out in others what they never Jesus and the Jewish Roots of Mary knew existed We can become love this path doesn t bring us anywhere except for further into the present moment Into the reality of who you really are at our heart center This is ultimate union through love Falling into love unconditional love changes self perception The guru is a place within and the spiritual self creates unconditional love There is nowhere else to go after experiencing unconditional love You can only grow further into who you truly are Unconditional love is allnowing and completely accepting This collapses the ego house of cards Love is from the higher essence of our being Our minds make us think we need emotional love however this creates a powerful attachment from something outside of us Love is inside us we don t need an object outside to be in a state of love Love exists inside us This is the state we all yearn to return This is an understanding of love in a universal way We can be in love without anyone ever loving us back The heart mind is who we are not the ego the ego is a bundle of constantly changing thought forms and ideas with identifications The western psychological premise is that we are the mind But the union of yoga is when the constellation of thought forms cease Spiritual practices bring inward awareness of one s own mind Witness consciousness is part of the heart mind Pure awareness is the human spirit or soul Home is where the heart is graceful love always love and awareness to merge This makes all one Grace is at the nexus of love and awareness To become one is grace We are meant to love everything and everybody not necessarily personalities but each person s essence This is soul perception The path is to deepen this love with everyone and everything Living within the soul opens the soul to all Radiating love in the soul always others to attune to their soul too This isn t a concept you can t Sherman Tank Manual know it only be it Being loving awareness love everything to be aware of Our names are like roles but we are not those roles What we really all are is loving awareness Love neutralizes fear The ego fears death love fears nothing The love of God operates within the human heart God loves you just because If we can accept this unconditional and unwarranted love we can give it to others as well To bring loving awareness to everything attention to this is being love a beacon of love for everyone around us Start by thinking how you love everything around but being love is not a thought to transition to being the love of everything around If we deny the reality of things we miss their reality Cease attachment to talking and thinking to find the essence and source Excess baggage human life is a series of experiences When we break our attachment to experiences we begin to see the unity of all things The constellation of thoughts feelings and concepts make experiences seem different every time Temporal experiences are like lights flickering in a flashing show The permanent Self is the witness of this show it doesn t judge and is on a different level of consciousness it just observes Dwelling in self awareness is witnessing ourselves as we move through life It s being not doing To give up attachment we can either give something up or it can give us up As meditation deepens we identify less with the ego and with love The ego s fear eventually dissolves in love Shift identification from the ego to the soul The ego doesn t die but identifying with it does The pressure cooker eventually we all have to confront and deal with our ownarmic obstacles Suppression or repression only adds to obstacles Getting past lust anger confusion and greed These furnish our interior desires After we can live in Dharma in harmony with the laws of the universe Doing Dharma brings us close. Ram Dass’s long awaited Be Love Now is the transformational teaching of a forty year journey to the heart The author of the two million copy classic Remember Be Here Now and its influential seuel Still Here Dass is join.

R to God and allows for further spiritual work What s important isn t what you experience but how you identify with it Ultimately every method gets you to the same place By uieting the mind we are able to open and enter our heart This sometimes takes many years of meditation Merging to oneness transcends all experience When our minds hold us back we have work to do This why there are few liberated beings it takes complete letting go Human conditioning makes us react and attached to our experiences The five limbed yoga eating sleeping drinking tea gossiping and walking about These simple acts were charged with significance People must feed their stomachs before they re able to think about God Food had to be made with love or it d be poison It could seem like India runs on chai and beetle nut tea There is nothing to learn or do only become What we become is all that matters To become One mantras work to help us enter a conceptual space This is one way the mind sinks into the heart Fingering breads repeat Ram Ram Ram to realize the oneness of all We can serve God by bringing others into their souls Create sympathetic vibrations Repeating Ram also reminds us to continue looking for ways in which we can serve Chanting with a yearning for God brings us into the present moment Music in combination with mantras creates a powerful and emotional opening to the heart Mantras come from places deeper than our thoughts and minds turning us utter lessly inward In India there are no bad mothers only children Seeing the world as one s mother reuires a shift in perception Satsang is a community of seekers Sat means truth sang means meeting of the ways or a spiritual community Each devotee feeds and inspires others Sadhana means spiritual work Love is the emotion of merging of becoming one in the heart This is really a relationship with the own deeper Self The Bhagavad Gita informs aspirants how to work in the world while following a spiritual path The path is a lot of negotiation between ego and soul Entering into love with another means anywhere you go you feel with them Letting go doesn t mean giving up power it s giving up separation When one dies we have to go beyond form To love another we need to give up everything for them which is what having a child is like Being fully present in the moment moves us out of time This is surrender and loving awareness of each moment You are love There is no separation We are all one consciousness in many bodies You can attain it you have to become it Merging reuires grace Love is a state of being not a progressive path or trip Our evolution isn t just Darwinian there is also a spiritual evolution into unitive consciousness This is performed through iterative incarnations of our being The way to best deal with change is to live in the present moment Be Here Now Don t be surprised to be surprised Every form eventually dissolves into its formless state Holding on to anything in time ultimately causes suffering nothing in time is permanent When you meet the true guru he will awaken love in your heart In the West who you are is very much defined by what you do and is bounded by death which is a powerful motivator The ego is defined by its role If we reach the soul level we re unbounded by the ego and overcome the fear of death Reincarnation is a long term view Outward religious practice leads to too much inward fear Our soul is separate from our role Karma is Dharma Darshan is the change of perspective to the soul of love from the ego The meeting of darshan is not on the physical plane but the soul unified consciousness One This is how we cut through the dualities of physical life Darshan is the focus for spiritual aspirants and devotees Sri sages such as Neem Karoli Baba Sri Ramakrishna Ramana Maharshi Shirdi Sai Baba these had Dharma of public recognition others don t Breaking with desire for birth and fear of death is liberation The paradox of the One is that there s an experience with no experiencer We strive to be in form while not in form words are useless here In emptiness humans don t identify with thought forms or desires There s no clinging on liberation If you re having an experience you re not beyond beyond the physical plane There is function at every level and emptiness is complete fullness Love is what let s you drive into that which is beyond all form True yogis renounce the world We can learn of unconditional love from those who live in it Experiences that reflect your own desires back at you are teachings to tell you where your at along the way When Karma aligns with Dharma the needs of the moment are best met rather than desires like Einstein with relativity and Mozart with Reuiem Enlightened beings are not perfected but in a very late birth There s only a transparency left of the veil of illusion Realization is beyond time and space so nothing is happening any way There s only the eternally present but this depends on where you are in relation to time There s really nothing else in the entire universe but God God is in all of us the continuity in discontinuity The One is in its own plane of consciousness but it s paradoxically not subjective Over many lives we must develop the ability to seamlessly move in and out of the various different planes of consciousness depending on the needs of each moment God is a bridge between form and formless When bad experiences arise see them as fierce grace Look at relationships as vehicles for awakening Taking anything too seriously doesn t make it go away any faster Sacrifice thought through grace and blessings Money and truth have nothing to do with each other Guru means removal of darkness for enlightenment not necessarily a guide or teacher They have already made the journey which is all one Shifting from ego to soul is done through love Synchronization of astral planes of consciousness is a wake up call Would rather be free than right Do what you do with another being but never put them out of your heart Faith is grace Faith is not a belief faith is what is left when all beliefs have been shattered If Ed once by Rameshwar Das a collaborator from the Love Serve Remember audio recordings to offer this intimate and inspiring exploration of the human soul Like Deepak Chopra’s Book of Secrets the Dalai Lama’s Art of Hap.

Ram Dass Richard Alpert was one of America's most beloved spiritual figures making his mark on the world giving teachings and promoting loving service harmonious business practices and conscious care for the dying His spirit has been a guiding light for four generations carrying millions along on the journey helping free them from their bonds as he has worked his way through his own