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What would you do if you et your hands on a spell book Would you cast a spell to Nobody Else get what you desire Or would you leave it alone Well Daisy and her friends while on a sleep over decided to use this book of spells Daisy wanted to cast a spell to find her sister Poppy a boyfriend But I don t think they expected for the spell to actually work because they were shocked and surprised to see a man magically appeared in front of them And what better way to welcome him but they throwing hands full of popcorn at him and yelling LOL I loved that scene A bunch of teenagers throwing popcorn at a man they summoned So once breaking down to Killian the demon what he was summoned for He almost lost it Foroodness sake he s a demon not a matchmaker But he had very little choice because the only way for him to What She Really Wants for Christmas (Harlequin Blaze get back to where he came from and his lavish lifestyle is by doing exactly what he was summoned for So how hard can it beKillian is a demon A sexy hot demon who can be almost too hot to handle Hot tempered and outspoken he finds himself very much irritated by his new obligations How can a demon find a human a soul mate Maybe by them twooing out and meeting new people But what he never expected was these new developing feelings after spending time with Poppy He was here to find her a soul mate So why was he having a hard time with that Is there anyone Protecting Holly good enough for her out therePoppy isn t a needy kind ofirl she s independent very smart and has been through alot in her life Such as losing her parents then taking the role of a parent to her teenage sister Then after taking responsibility for her sister her boyfriend leaves her too So she s endured alot of pain but never complainsShe loves her sister dearly But all her little sister wants is for her to be happy again because she deserves itThis book made me laugh a few times because of the Unexpected Bride (The Wedding Party, girls I mean what do you expect when youet a Introducing Archaeology, Second Edition group of teenageirls together for a sleep over I love that scene with the The Best Man (Alpha Men, girls throwing popcorn at him What kind of damage can you do with that So anyway youet a sexy hot demon to find your beautiful sister a boyfriend To me that s a recipe for disaster I d rather take the sexy demon and know up front what he s about than take a boyfriend and no nothing about himTruth or Demon is a very sexy and funny read So if you like paranormal and sexy books then this is your book Truth or Demon is fifth in it s series But it can also be a stand alone book I never once was lost while reading this book I Poetry Man give this book a 4 out of 5 stars and a Good Choice for Reading Down below is a link to if you d like to buy Aroup of teens ive a twist to that old slumber party ame truth or dare when Daisy and her best buds summon a demon to find a boyfriend for Daisy s dedicated older sister Poppy The setup sounds odd but I actually really enjoyed Truth or Demon The demon Killian O Brien is bound to obey and can t return home until he finds the match for the sister which puts him at a disadvantage and the fact that a demon from HE double toothpicks is completely managed by a The Quest of the Holy Grail gaggle of teenagers is pretty funny While the humor adds a nice touch the romance was really well done And I had such areat time reading this book Ms Love has crafted a fun heroine such a sexy hero and secondary characters that made me laugh so hard I love the idea of the demon from hell being plagued by a trio of teenage Dead Taboo girls It is just a wonderful all aroundood readand has a very memorable rooftop love scene I find that I enjoy Love s books the most when I m emotionally drained That s usually the time that I want a low drama book that will still hold my attention Love is pretty Mischief 24/7 (Sunshine Girls, good for this yet I almost always end up criticizing her for having too little drama So I m a bit of a hypocrite Especially since the near zero dramaoing on in this story was one of main complaintsWith that said the plot Killian is a demon minding his own business down in hell when suddenly he finds himsel. Hot Hell YeahIf you ask Killian O'Brien Hell The Subtle Beauty gets a bad rap True he's a demon so he's bound to be a little biased But he'sot reat job security all the women he can handle a body to die for literally and free reign to do as he likes.

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Thing I haven t read beforeYou pretty much know what s oing to happen between them but I still thought the story was cute Poppy is a little dorky and is cute than When Da Silva Breaks the Rules (Blood Brothers, gorgeous Sheave up the career she really wanted for something that provided a dependable pay check in order to take care of her sister after their parents died She is the type of character I d love to know in real life I did have two issues with her though One her sister and friends kept coming up with ridiculous stories as to who Killian is and Poppy knew something was off but that was about it The second thing is how insecure Poppy was at times I understand that Killian is model handsome but one minute she would be confident and the next she would have herself believing she wasn t The Billionaires Runaway Bride good enough to even be near him Itot a little oldTruth and Demon was an entertaining read There is a lot of humor with a few slightly dramatic and emotional scenes woven into the story and a few steamy moments to top it all off It also has one of my favorite kind of scenes in it where a character Fifty Ways To Be Your Lover gets back at your ex and the cheap floozy he left her for I m not the only one who enjoys those moments right Stephanie The first half wasreat with some hilarious scenes I couldn t stop reading But then it went downhill some sexual scenes were thrown in which didn t keep my interest so I skimmed them I was still curious of how the big reveal to h that H was a demon would pass off but was disappointed The end felt rushed and a little boring I liked the H but wished he would have had demonical characteristics I mean he came from hell by a spell but apart from that he could have been any ordinary human man he looked and acted like one he had nothing demonical about him at all I liked it It was cute I m really Caught on Camera with the CEO glad Iot it from the library though I did find myself skimming some parts throughout hmmmm this would have made a Wyoming Strong (Wyoming Men, good short story but just too drawn out Setting Boston condo places around town reputed to havehosts erotic art Arabian Nights gallery fairy artallery Theme Demon finding his soul with a perfect woman the perfect woman seeing herself in a new way falling in love fantastic sex CharactersKillion O Brien demon from the First Circle of Hell his job is to escort souls into hell a job he does efficiently without thought of the individuals with charm to Enchanting Baby (The Birth Place get them too where they need to be with a minimum of fuss has Wild Nights with Her Wicked Boss great digs has women whenever he wants Poppy Reed has been raising her sister since their parents death she is 8 years older than her her fianc left her when her parents died not willing to take on the responsibility artistic dreamed of being a children s book authorillustrator became a technical editor where can work from home and support self and sister average boring Daisy Reed 16 year old sister wants her sister to find her soul mate and be happy with 2 best friends and based on conjuring spell in a teen demon book they summon a demon torant them a wish set up some silly stories to explain Killion s presence to her sister and to Midsummer Night (Lady Julia Grey, get her to cooperate with him he s from Sweden he ishost hunter hostshow his fianc left him at the altar with the minister Madison Emma Daisy s friends and part of the Killion conspiracy Vepar fellow demon that wants Killion s job so is sabotaging him and tattling on him to Satan SummaryWhat happens when you match innocent sexy Always You goodness with a sexy demon bit by bit Killionives in to him impulses to please Poppy to seduce Poppy to fall in love with PoppyWhen both finally admit to being in love he is zapped back to hell and Poppy has figured things out confirming them with Daisy and Daisy and friends find a new spell in new book call Killion back and he can stay if he sacrifices something big which in a moment he does he would die for her iving up his immortality ahhh When Killian meets PoppyPoppy s young sister Daisy and her best friends Emma and Madison find a spell in a fiction book to summon and demand a wish from a demon They wishe. Unattractive Truth be told Poppy is irresistible and mind blowingly sexy Which is exactly why finishing this simple little assignment so he can be sent back where he came from is turning out to be the hardest thing Killian's ever done.

F standing in the middle of a irls slumber party The Lucy Carmichael girls in uestion had been messing around with a spell that would summon a demon torant the caster s wish The wish was that Daisy s older sister Poppy would find a boyfriend If Killian ever wants to return home he has to Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti grant this wish Only problem is that Poppy doesn t seem too interested in dating and there s another demon breathing down Killian s neck about him being MIA for so longThis was a really light and humorous story but there s not muchoing on A couple of minor issues pop up over the course of the book but they re dealt with fairly uick For instance Poppy s ex boyfriend No prob everyone will just sit down to a nice dinner where Poppy can feel better about herself Demon with a vendetta against Killian view spoilerMeh the will take Devil take care of him off screen hide spoiler Poppy has had to One-Click Buy grow up fast when her parents die She has to take care of her younger sister Daisy and pushes her own dreams aside to raise her After a bad break up she has alsoiven up on ever finding love So Daisy decides to take matters into her own hands and summon a Demon to find Poppy s soul mate Little did Daisy and her fellow teen friends know Killian O Brien could be just what they are looking for instead of just a Demon to do their biddingI absolutely adored this book The characters were fun amusing and felt real Killian was so much than a Demon in this book You almost forget that he is actually a Demon from Hell He has charm when he attempts to use it sexiness and the patience to deal with young teens that believe in true love The only problem I had with this book was how naive Poppy was She believed everything that the young teens told her without much uestioning I loved how Poppy had self esteem issues to work through after her previous boyfriend ditched her What woman doesn t feel frumpy and mousy at some point While Poppy knows she could never be supermodel Redeeming Claire gorgeous she does want someone to love her as is At first Killian doesn t know how he isoing to find a soul mate for such a mousy and plain human but he eventually realizes that there is so much beauty in Poppy that he wants her for himself The only problem is Killian is a Demon from Hell with no chance of being with a human Personally I can t wait for the next book in this series by this author I loved everything about this book and who wouldn t want a man like Killian Perfect to read as part of the series but can easily be read as a stand alone book Sexy fun and full of spunk A Return to Willow Lake (Lakeshore Chronicles great read from areat author 35 StarsOne minute Killian O Brien was enjoying his expensive scotch and about to relax after a day of escorting souls into hell when he suddenly finds himself in a strange living room Killian has been summed by Daisy and her teenage friends to find her older sister a boyfriend He s not happy being at the mercy of teenage Fractured Memory girls but if finding Poppy a boyfriend is what Killian must do then let the search begin But things start toet complicated when Killian begins to fall for the smart pretty t shirt and jeans loving Poppy Suddenly being a demon and all the perks that come with it sounds unappealing and very lonelyKillian is a demon and proud of it He enjoys having expensive things power and he doesn t even mind his job of escorting souls to hell It s all he s even known really When Daisy and her friends summon him he s not pleased Hell may be well Hell but it s nothing compared to being forced to do what 3 teenage irls tell him to I laughed a few time just at this image alone Killian s first attempts to find Poppy a boyfriend fail because he is rude and doesn t really think that what he says is offensive Seeing how this is etting him no closer to returning home Killian decides Make-Believe Family getting to know Poppy is the best way to figure out what man would be best for her The heets to know Poppy the he wants to keep her for himself and for the rest of the book he Major Attraction (Harlequin Blaze goes back and forth on how he feels about her No. Or he did until teenager Daisy Reed and her two friendsot hold of a book of spells and summoned him to do their biddingTheir demand; find Daisy's older sister Poppy a boyfriend Can't be that difficult right It's not like the woman is.

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