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Scape to a well written well rounded fantasy realm that fills my mind with joy heartache love and wonder hate and loathing but in a grand controlled manner I didn t hate this there are moments of glory I was just a little taken aback at how much I had moved on I m just hoping that Mr G was highlighting these with the injustice in mind rather than the lazy stereotypes it feels like Read this book as a marker of how much we have moved on in society Looking back at the Tolkien books I have loved and the minimal amount of female characters in his writing at least here Sigarni is the protagonist This is not indicative of David Gemmells work I think it may be a while before I revisit Waylander possibly the book that hooked me on his writing VERDICT Passing grade if you njoy the genre Keep in mind I m no fantasy Alter Ego expert about 267 stars for me rounded up Book 1 in a series More brutal and serious than Gemmel s Morningstar But ifxtra high fantasy is your thing then grab some supplemental oxygen and go for it I never cared for the heroine but she was as capable as she was cold You get all this the usual for better or worse view spoilerThe Chosen One magic demons prophecies ghosts armed combat a dwarf a big ox of a man spurned lovers rape treachery revenge artifact of power and sigh a completely one sided villain hide spoiler 35 stars There was no change of heart I left his head on a spike and I burned his home to the ground It was a grand fire which burned bright and lit the sky for many a mile It also lit men s hearts and that fire burned for thirty years What an asy read If you are looking for a page turner a classic tale of the good forces fighting overwhelming vil invaders you have found what you ve been looking for The Ironhand s Daughter tells a story of Sigarni the Huntress of the Highland people At first I thought the book was going to suffer from a nasty case of special snowflake syndrome because Sigarni is introduced as strikingly pretty and strong and the best in Uncommon Wisdom everything she does with the fastest hound and the swiftest hawk but thankfully instead of being a walking legend Sigarni turned out to be beautifully flawed When we meet her she is just a wilful and selfish woman revelling in her freedom with the body of an angel and the mind of a whore At the beginning she lives the way of the hawkssentially that means she loves no one needs no one fears no one Very uickly and I am not revealing anything that is not hinted by the title it becomes apparent that Sigarni is the vanished child of the legendary king called Ironhand also the prophecized leader that will lead her people in the fight against the occupying force of Outlanders But she is forced to Of the coming of a new leader a descendent of Ironhand mightiest of the highland kings A leader who will throw off the Outlander yoke But only one highlander carries the blood of Ironhand Sigarni a wild and willful teenage girl who cares for

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Simple direct and fun sometimes just what you needSome very good points and concepts and Unseen City events but sometimes it felt some thing were just glossed over some plot lines like the other world city felt hugely simplistic but then again also didn t needlessly drag on It was my week off work I wanted comfort reading I wanted the warm and knowing hug from my re read thatmbrace of a loved one only a book I know I njoyed reading the first time I took hold of it and was left wanting as I placed it down I want it on the record that I am a great fan of David Gemmell Reviews that start with this line fill me with dread This is a book I initially read in 1996 I was 22 The world was a far different place The vaguely Scottish references to Clans and Outlanders with the scene setting telling me of heather and mountains with sharp nasty weather does give the reader the image of the Scottish Highlands and the imagery used does have that warm familiarity of this beautiful realm These places whilst in this fantastical novel filled with battles and magic xist Ok so I mentioned magic Hey there s magic Not God Is in the Crowd explained in any great depth but there are practitioners Oh and they can open portals between worlds Oh and in time I m gonna have to move on here to thelephant in the room I feel that in 2020 I live in a world of hatred division and loathing Of jealousy and anger politics I feel that I am in tune with my world than I was at the tender age of 22 After the first 20 pages I started to read this book uickly to get it over with Not to re live the fun now but to finish it and move on You see I have grown This book has dated and I am sorry to say unmasking my love for all things Gemmell in an Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard exposing uestion of really The title Ironhands Daughter gives me the misogyny Sigarni the huntress the untamed barren woman with many lovers can t seeminglyxist without reference to her father OR from his interference That though of a glass ceiling for women that is only allowed by men Asmirir the black man Sorcerer Dammit here s to pointing out differences in race like a bookcase to the face So He has darker skin Say that Black man mutters Ballistar Dwarf deformed unhappy in his skin and only becomes happy when he is whole ie tall There are people of diminished height I am sure are happy in their skin I read the whole book in two sittings I gaped at the stereotypes and aligned them with what s going on in the world around me The Black Lives Matter movement Me Too disability rights all fighting for a recognition of wrongs that they have ndured and here I am reading a book of oversimplified tropes I am now 46 My children live with what is going on in the world around us as do I I want to The armies of the Outlanders crushed the highlanders at the battle of Colden Moor–killing their finest warriors and breaking their freeborn spirit The highlanders are now a conuered people ruled by the brutal Baron GottassonProphecies speak.

Ccept her destiny nilly rather than willy Something flickered deep within her like the birth of a fire I don t think I have ver read a book with such brutal turning point for the main character Even the Red Rising though that was shocking Notes for the Everlost enough doesn t come close to the traumaticxperiences Sigarni needs to go through in order to develop and mature but if you are fond of badass heroines without a doubt you will count Sigarni among your favourites What a brave young woman she is The fact that she faces deadly challenges alone and on her own terms resonated strongly with me She truly is a woman of fire and iron but the iron in her has been run through the fire and moulded into something sharp and deadlyThe settings When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) emulate the Scottish highlands with their breathtaking vistas and wonderful culture of the clans It is anpic fantasy so No Biggy! expect a clash between the forces of good and the forces ofvil and Crush It! evil isvil here without any undertones the Baron will give you creeps and the sorcerer nightmares The good ones are few beleaguered by harsh occupation and untrained Shortly they have all the odds pitched against them They know how to fight and they know how to die What they don t comprehend is that war is not about fighting and dying It is about winningBut you don t win by dying You win by causing your Attracting Birds to Your Backyard enemy to die A daunting task for Sigarni as she grows to become a true Battle ueen fought both by internal opposition andxternal foes Ironhand s Daughter sports a vast array of great supporting characters Among them you will find Belli small in terms of height but of great spirit brave Fell the hunter Deep Listening exotic Asmidir the strategist and magician and a true friend and also the Ironhand himself makes an appearance There are scenes to weep and to be scared beyond death and to cheer when victories small and big are won sometimes on a battlefield sometimes within the human heart We are told that we must aspire to be just like these heroes for only by so doing can wensure the survival of civilization It is very noble Indeed it is laudable Kollarin chuckled And then we become men and we realize that it is all a nonsense It is not nonsense said Obrin We need heroes Of course we do Kollarin agreed The nonsense is that sometimes they are the Bird-by-Bird Gardening enemy What then do we do Obrin The novel is simplistic here and there view spoiler the worldbuilding is sketchy at best same goes for magictimetravelling system there are also some character development shortcuts for instance Sigarni uite understandably has irrational reactions against male touch after the rape and then she just overcomes it like that no huge struggle no breakthrough just off to bed with her sweetheart hide spoile. Othing save her own concerns Until a fatefulncounter thrusts her onto a path of rebellion Now hunted by the baron’s soldiers and stalked by an The Works of Saint Augustine evil sorcerer Sigarni will be forced to fulfill her destiny or perish From the Paperbackdition.

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David Andrew Gemmell was a bestselling British author of heroic fantasy A former journalist and newspaper editor Gemmell had his first work of fiction published in 1984 He went on to write over thirty novels Best known for his debut Legend Gemmell's works display violence yet also explores themes in honour loyalty and redemption With over one million copies sold his work continues to sel