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As a very nice fantasy book It would be the kind of book for kids from ages 9 13 When I read it I enjoyed how she didn t trust the woods at first and how she. The Wood People and betray them by kidnapping Copper's wolf cub from them Worse still when she meets the Woods she likes them and her traitorous position there makes her and ncomfortable A mys.

I remember reading this a looong time ago I did like it though it was pretty interesting I vaguely remember the plot so I plan to read it again This book Amy jumps at the chance to leave her gloomy aunt and ncle and go to the mountains and live with the King of the Rock People But once there she finds that she must go to stay with the alien clan.

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Thought the rocks were the the good guy and i also thought it was beautiful with her mouse friend Other than that there isn t much i can say about this book. Terious stranger turns p at the house and kidnaps their beloved wolf cub before Amy gets the chance Amy is soon engaged in the chase through the winter landscape to a final showdown with her Ki.

My name is Rebecca Lisle and I'm a writer I have had 20 children's books published I also like drawing and have illustrated some of my books When I'm not writing I paint peculiar pictures of dogs I live in Bristol and enjoy giving workshops and author visits in the South WestI was born in Leeds and have always been very proud of my Yorkshire roots My parents were born there too and their pa