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Others but it gave a good insight into Hunter s character as this novel in the series was told from his perspective Normally uite a reserved character it was interesting to see his thoughts and feelings particularly when seeing his father again for the first time after many years of thinking his parents were ead I also uite liked the Forced Feminization (The League of Dominant Women dark character of Justine Now onto book number 11 to see what happens next This one was just ok to me it wasn t really useful to the story I love Hunter but an entire book almost without Morgan is kinda wrong I just need to finish this series already I had to update my rating for this installment of the Wicca series I have only read Seeker once before so my knowledge of the events that took place was particularly fuzzy All I remembered was that it was the first book in the series to be narrated by someone other than Morgan Rowlands this time by her boyfriend Hunter Niall I love Hunter s character but I also love Morgan s narration and its blend of the familiar and the unfamiliar so for some reason I took this to mean that Iid not enjoy this book as much at the timeUpon re reading it I had to up the rating from 2 to 4 stars because I found this highly enjoyable It s by no means my favourite book in the series but I really enjoyed hearing things from a male perspective for once and there were a lot of heartfelt moments in this book as well as true temptation The change of scene from Widows Vale to the most northern regions of Canada was also a welcome 새로 만든 먼나라 이웃나라 12 - 미국 3 difference and finally I understand how this book leads into the next book in the series and the first that I have never read before Finally I can complete the series with new stories I haven t encountered before ACTUAL RATING 25 StarsIt was interesting getting Hunter s point of view though it threw me at first This book was okay but it was probably my least favorite so far While important thing happened at times most of it felt unnecessary and kind ofragged If you wrote a book which included characters who speak another language would you want to make sure the phrases you wrote were accurate How about if you were an editor i think i would want all of these book s to turn into movies This was one of the poorer stories in this series for me and it was really weird that it was written from Hunter s point of view rather than Morgan sThe storyline itself was about Hunter going off to find his parents and he also had to Ossos Perdidos (Temperance Brennan, deal with another witch while he was up there but it was all prettyull really and I just wanted to be back following Morgan again6 out of Myself getting closerBut am I strong enough for what I might fi.

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Really good Change of narrator for this one which I found a bit strange to start with but soon got used to it Forgot there was a book from Hunter s point of view Glad he s reunited with his Born Fighting da again 385reading this book and knowing the author s mother has passed away not long ago I can only wonder how hard that must be I hope she is getting along well and has been able to move on from the pain of that event That said I mustive in and say this one started out rough with some cringe worthy romance scenes throughout But most teenage romance in real life is cringe worthy Fact Been there So I let it slide remembering my own cringe worth Dr. Simon Forman dialogue in life This book grew on me and as I reread it for the third time I initially resented the Hunter character perspective but came to mostly enjoy them It s odd having come from so many Morgan centric books to this One thing I wish is that the journal entries were typed up normally so I could read them faster I read handwriting painfully slow This is a complaint I made in the previous books review alsoSpoilersOverall I enjoyed this Meeting Daniel Niall is a surprise and the reason he is so emaciated is even of one Contacting hisead wife Hunter s mother Fiona through a Bith Dearc a window into the shadow world This added a whole new Serving Up Secrecy (Ladies of Westside dimension the the magick of this series We had heard about it before but this was much real and in your face I really enjoyed it sepictionThe whole Justine Corceau plot line was pretty interesting but really A Wartime Nurse didn t go far This book ends bordering on the climax Hunter has her burn her list of true names another interesting facet of this series by first using hers against her which his father Daniel acuired by tapping into a source in the shadow world via a bithearc he was able to make using a book he reuisitioned out of Justine s library in the first placeNow Hunter has an enemy We leave this plot to have him and his father talking as they Split drive home to Widowsvale where Daniel will live Kennet has known for 3 months that Hunter s father was in uebec This Hunter realizes means they prevented him having a chance to see his mother before sheied in favor of having him stay with Morgan and protect her from Seline abd CalNow Hunter s undying faith in the International Council of Witches is wavering He realizes they have too much power and that he s been blind to it all along Hunter When Stories Clash did get to say goodbye to his mother Fiona though earlier on when his father opened the bithearc They had joined their powers and found her This scene was remarkable Cate Tiernan portrayed I love Morgan She is my soul mate But I must find my parentsNow.

Aniel s struggle to let go very vividlyIt s sad but the author has lost her mother It wasn t terribly long ago either Reading this book makes me wonder how she is Sword of Honour Second To None doing with it I gave her my best wishes and she gave me hers my mother had had a stroke and isoing well now via facebook I truly wish her the best and hope she has been able to move forward from the heart ache of her own loss 2015 Review BelowI read these as a teenager and have been reading them as an adult 15 years later I enjoy the stories This book however fails to convey the british accent of Hunter to the point of annoyance since it was written via his perspective Crikey for instance is an Australian term This throws me off a lot I ve also never met a british person who calls their parents Mum and Da In my experience they have calle them mom and The Extra Cadaver Murder dad or mother and father About Canada youont call it Ontario Province or uebec Province as a Canadian this kept annoying me haha Also it is Coyotes you hear at night not wolves I lived in a tiny Rural community growing up as well in the major city center so these things stick out like a sore thumb In previous books I wasnt as annoyed with Hunters Perfect Girl Evolution Vol. 6 dialogue becauae there wasnt much In this one it is as though random British and Austrialian collouial words are tossed in at random among normal North American English Very poorlyoneWith all the complaining one I id enjoy the story itself They ve always been good stories Perhaps the writing could have been better in this book but that aside it was interesting to finally read about Hunter and his father and the creator of the Dark Wave I had largely forgotten this book over the years whereas I had remembered the earlier ones far The first few books will always be the best but the series for what it is a young adult series is surprisingly enjoyabke even 15 years later as an adult perhaps this is because these books meant a lot to me as a teenager My mother is horrible at buying me things but she found book 1 and 3 I knew several wiccans in my town and had even sat in one some cirles prior to affirming my atheism in adulthood it was the only religion that barely made any sense I was an influential teenager I took an interest but uickly realized it was just as much nonsense as any other religion albeit far less harmful than every organized religion has shown itself to be It affirmed my atheism It meant a lot to me growing up this series And to this ay I rather enjoy reading them again as I smile at the thought of my youthful ignorance 4 read for me Didn t enjoy it uite as much as the. I have information There are leads that seem promising I feel.

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