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Ans ut there s no way I could battle through 4 books like this She walks away alone a figure in the vast savage uncaring desolate almost empty region f what is now the Ukraine expelled by her adopted Neanderthal cave dwelling band Ayla at 14 is forced to leaves her small beloved child Durc behind cursed by the nly people the Cro Magnon girl can remember into the unknown what the young fearful woman believes will be a final fatal fleeting journey With a few belongings the prehistoric teenager has told by the female who raised her to find her The Taste of Spruce Gum own kind the Others and advised to go north but the scattered tribes are so rare that it is almost impossible to encounter them An unseen spot in the steppes thebject slowly travels in the glacial cold for weeks then a blizzard strikes hard the despairing human almost welcomes the freezing endYet somehow Ayla survives but it doesn t matter her destruction is near predators roam by looking for a kill until finding salvation a beautiful hidden valley that protects the wanderer from most f the deadly elements and feeds the girl plants trees fruit game fish the experienced able hunter will not starve and a herd f gentle magnificent horses already live there their running about is thrilling in this paradise a river meanders by its sparkling waters beckons and a safe place discovered a small cozy cave above the stream a hole in the wall that a warm fire will make habitable reached by climbing a steep slopeSurvival is not living though the abandoned girl has many dreams and nightmares she needs human companionship but her She Stoops to Conquer only friends are a mare she raised from a foal Whinney how she got her name isbvious and a Cave Lion cub Baby why that alias is easy also to understand the animal eventually will grow to be a gigantic male 800 lbs Years pass Ayla prospers all the tools clothes shelter and food she wants are available still not uite happy the now woman will have to leave her safe comfortable home to meet her Slow Getting Up: A Story of NFL Survival from the Bottom of the Pile own species if the sad girl can ever getut into the hostile world and take a big chance but her pet friends have grown left to follow their new mates seldom come back to visit Two devoted brothers with the same mother but not father unexpectedly arrive in the area from a faraway cave to the west the adventurous men went in a primitive boat down to the sea Orb on The Great Mother River the Danube a hazardous lengthy trip just to see where it concludes Jondalar 21 at six feet six inches tall towersver everyone blond hair blue eyes handsome face women are always looking up to and falling in love with and a few inches shorter Thonolan 18 different color eyes and hair still almost eual to his sibling in charm and features the now morose man has suffered a devastating lossAyla and Jondalar have great feelings for each The Dandy and Lady Penelope other when they meet yet hide them showing little apparent emotion not trusting both recently acuainted strangers reallyThe second in the very popular Earth s Children series is almost as good as the first The Clanf the Cave Bear while the magic cannot uite duplicate the level f the riginal because Multi-Family Therapy of its uniue aspects thisne does deliver what fans National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America, 7th Edition of these books want entertainment in an exotic setting a place and time that none today will ever experience r maybe even wish to either I loved this book soooooo much Ayla is my hero There were some things but didn t keep it from my favorites list I love Whinney and Baby my heart soared so much And when Ayla and Jondalar met I was so happy I loved going n their journey f learning about ne another while he healed It was just awesome and I m glad I got to read it Happy Reading Peeps Mel I ve never seen a series take such a downturn so fastWhen we last saw Ayla in The Clan A History of Prophecy in Israel, Revised and Enlarged of the Cave Bear she had been banished sentenced to death by the clan leader Broud who hated her The Valleyf the Horses takes place immediately after as Ayla begins to wander the steppes in pursuit Think good thoughts about a pussycat of her people Eventually she settles in a valley populated with horses While she is there she befriends a horse and ekesut a livingOhMyGodI don t think I ve ever seen a series shoot itself in the foot so early One, Two, Three Me on I ve seen series suffer burnout the author tossing up hisr her hands and saying I just don t give a damn any but usually this ccurs h say six books in the series after he Sex and Lust in Tijuana: True Sex Stories of the Tjamigos or she has drug the main characters allver the universe to death and back again At this point I figure the author is thinking Looks like I can t write anything but another teenaged emosparklyvampire series might as well milk this ne as best as I can before I hit the unemployment line I know Frank L Baum f the Oz series would agree with me if he were alive The Valley Tea for Ruby of the Horses should be the sixth book in the series by that reckoning The amountf WTF in this book is near critical levels Characters bounce all The Life of Saint Philip Neri over the place problems that were hinted at in the first book appear here 10X worse and generally the story stops being about the person I became invested in it stopped being about AylaNow that s not to say there aren t good parts Sure you might need a electron microscope inrder to find them but they are still there The Ayla sections f the first half are excellent exactly what we ve come to expect and love from The Clan f the Cave Bear Ayla journeys across the steppes Ayla must try to fend for herself to find food and clothing and shelter Sure she has started accumulating a rather eye brow raising list f inventions the calendar horseback riding animal domestication flint reproduction did you know it was Broud s rgan that created her son Durk but you know what Even that I could buy She is by herself she must invent I only Like the Fingers of the Guy I Hate, Vol. 1 or die She loves animals and has been tending them since she was a child so it isn t unexpected for her to continue this into her adulthood The calendar thing is also hinted at back in the first book when Ayla peppers Creb with uestions about days and counting Yes Ayla is getting close to Mary Sue territory but this is her story I ll believe itUNTIL Auel adds Jondalar Who is Jondalar Let me introduce you to himMeet JondalarJondalar is the most attractive strong intelligent sexy wonderful skilled muscular Ampler including free chapters from thether books in Jean M Auel’s bestselling series • A A with the author about the Earth’s Children® seriesThe Valley f Horses is the second in the great Earth's Children® series In The Vall.

Ayla s adventures volume two The writing is as bad as it was in volume ne I detailed all the problems I had with it here with the addition f hackneyed sex scenes It makes me almost sad that generations f young girls had their introduction to porn literature through this crap It s enough to put you ff f both sex and readingYou might wonder why I read the second volume when the first volume was so bad It s a good uestion and I m not sure myself I Church Planting Is for Wimps: How God Uses Messed-Up People to Plant Ordinary Churches That Do Extraordinary Things ordered itn before I had the time to really think about it I guess my favourite parts in the first volume were the survival bits I liked when Ayla was all alone and had to learn to manage A Stepdaughter In Heat on herwn And since the first volume ends with Ayla being kicked ut f the Clan I knew there would be a lot Rufus of that there Also I needed some closure I needed Ayla to get some good caveman loving at last and I was told there would uite enoughf that whether it was good however remains debatableIn the Valley Of Horses we have two parallel stories In ne we have Ayla who finds a cave tames a horse learns horse riding tames a cave lion invents a laptop basically kills time while waiting for some 350 pages for LL Cool Jondalar to arrive and give it her goodIn the ther story we learn about Jondalar who while You Are a Miserable Excuse for a Hero!: Book One in the Just Make a Choice! Series on some unspecified self discovery journey is sexing his way through the prehistorical world All the ladies love him which is why it is taking him so long to run into Ayla He needs to teach a couplef cavewomen the pleasures f the Mother s Gift This is all to show us that Ayla is in for a treat when LL Cool Jondalar finally finds his way to her There are some crutch secondary characters that need to die after serving their purpose in moving the plot along so that the main two can finally meet Initially Ayla and Jondalar can t communicate properly due to Ayla nly speaking Neanderthal which is Women and Social Work: Towards a Woman-Centered Practice of a sign language really She eventually picks up a few words and they have very basic troglodyte like conversations but eventually the author tiresf writing it so she makes Ayla have a dream in which she suddenly remembers her riginal language and from then n she and Jondalar can conversely freely which is pivotal to all the romantic complications they are about to have like who wanted to have sex with who Ayla acts so cluelessly it s baffling I d really expected a little from someone who invented a calendar and tamed a freaking Cave Lion you know But all is well that ends well and finally Jonalar can show Ayla the The Cowboys one skill he truly mastered and it is not tool making but foreplay They all live happily ever afterr that is until Volume 3 which I started reading and read about 30 pages before I realised what I was doing and stopped myself before I caused some serious damage to my mental health This book will forever be in my heartI wish I could read it again for the first timeUNFORGETABLE Earth s Children is a uniue and wonderful series about pre historic man The people s who created the famous cave paintings SpoilersThe story starts Sins of Treachery out with 2 different people in 2 locations We startut seeing that Ayla was kicked ut f the clan These are another species My Grandfather's Prison: A Story of Death and Deceit in 1940s Kansas City of people that diedut the Neanderthals She goes looking for her people and has to find a place to shelter for the winter She finds a cave and sets up her stores to make it through the long winter n her wn She traps a horse and her foal The mother dies She raises the young horse and it helps her She also tames Wolf a baby wolf pup she finds They find living in the What in the was I thinking reading this series First book was boring and now this was doubly worse Julie Grippo you warned me I did skim than 60% Whos Next? Guess Who! of the bookThe whole book was porn Good porn Nope Bad caveman porn Just lotsf wetness between the slit barf There are so many things wrong with this book I d have the longest review ever Horrible plot Didn t get to the point Who were the cavemen Who wasn t a caveman So confusedBurn it for firewood throw it at someone you hate use it for self defense use it as a step stool use it as a life preserver Just forget about using it to actually read I didn t mind that it devolved devolved get it hehehe anyway I didn t mind that the book turned ut to be porn for women who pretend they don t like that sort f thing because its soooo low brow but what I DID mind was that it became CLICH porn Oooo he s a man whose been with tons Papi's Gift of women but never felt True LoveOooo she s a woman who s been raped in a way sanctioned by her culture and never had anrgasm Ahhhhh he s a man who yearns to love a woman who is his eualAhhh she s a woman who is good at everything but good sexOo Ouch I ve never known a series to go so downhill in the second bookWhen I read The Clan f the Cave Bear I was swept up into a prehistoric world filled with spirits survival and a wonderfully intricate belief system After the end f that book Ayla is ut n her グライネリエ 1 [Grainerie 1] own battling the elements wild animals and herwn loneliness It sounded so promising But parallel to following Ayla we also follow two men Jondalar and his brother Thonolan unsure f how they will fit in to Ayla s tale What disappointed me with this seuel were two main things 1 Nothing happens Seriously It s ver 500 pages and all we really see is Ayla s preparation for season after season alone in her cave and her adoption f a couple f wild animals Alongside this Jondalar and Thonolan are travelling coming across tribe after tribe The First Socialist Society: A History of the Soviet Union from Within once again with no real purposer anything to add to the The Coming Revolution in Youth Ministry overall plot 2 So many sex scenes Now I m not a prude and I can enjoy a good sex scene when it is relevant to the story But they are everywhere in this book Jondalar sleeps with numerous womenn his travels with his brother and then at least 5 times when he meets Ayla I mean this is fine have as much sex as you want but I don t need an in depth description every time the characters are feeling a bit horny I ll also briefly mention the part when Ayla actually gets turned File Under: Arson on while watching 2 horses mate and also has a flashback to these horses while she is getting jiggy with Jondalar I know right No further comment I was so disappointed in this seuel though I d love to see how Ayla s story This eBook includes the full textf the novel plus the following additional content• An exclusive preview chapter from Jean M Auel’s The Land Wicked Sense of Painted Cavesn sale in hardcover March 29 2011 • An Earth’s Children® series

Houghtful generous kind man you will EVER meet He is MINDBLOWING in the sack but WATCH OUT Most women can t take it ALL eyebrow wiggle if you know what I mean His blue eyes are enough to make the cave panties wet He is the BEST toolmaker EVER and NO I do NOT mean that kind f tool HE LOVE SO MUCH AND SO HARD THAT NO ONE CAN ENDURE IT Jondalar is freakin God incarnateAnd THAT is the beginning f what kills the story THAT is what makes this book which could have been interesting absolutely dreadful Because Powerless Against You once Jondalar walksnto the set the story ceases to be about Ayla and instead becomes about JondalarHey I don t know if I ve mentioned itdid you know that Broud s rgan created Durk The Clan believed it was a battle between totems but Ayla is pretty sure it s a man s rgan that creates babiesI don t mind Ayla finding companionship I don t mind her finding love I DO mind it when the whole story s emphasis is n a man we ve nly just met and have no real reason to like I NEVER liked Jondalar EVER The author tries to sell me Dobys Lessons (Brats in Training on how wonderful he is by having EVERYONE gush about him and trust me EVERYONE does but I went into convulsions every time I had to hear all the wonderful things about this tool And this is the man Ayla ends up with I would ask for an exchangeSo while Ayla is busy trying to survive I get stuck listening to Jondalar and his doofus brother doing stupid and pointless thingsn their spiritual journey I get to hear a bajillion arguments the two The Texan Meets His Match of them have about where they should go No Jondalar let s go to the mountains No Thonalan we should head to the river Let s stay with these people No we need to moven how awesome Jondalar is and how much they want to bonk women Oh and as if the latter weren t enough I get TWO fairly graphic sex scenes f Jondalar with some chick n her First Rites and Serenio r some ther woman whose purpose was The Heretic's Handbook (Kindle Single) only to provide another sex scene to show Jondalar s Mad Skilz in the cave bedroom and Thonalan falls into insta lust with some woman whom he can t even converse with for several pagesBTW I have to mention it but there is a horse sex scene in this book Yes a horse sex scene And it turns Aylan And Ayla being so bright and intelligent doesn t know WHY she feels all horny likeNone Blue Guide New York of this ends up mattering because a plot contrivance sends Thonalan and Jondalar back into the wild and completely negating the last billion pages Caveman Time Wasting Thonalan is an idiot and tries to chase after some meat that a cave lion stole REALLY and is killed Ayla comes to the rescue and FINALLY FINALLY after nearly 34f the book Ayla and Jondalar meetAt this point I was actually pumped FINALLY there was a point to Jondalar Finally we would get around to what has been alluded to since the first book But NO Instead now we get hastily contrived resolutions to the language barrier Creb comes to Ayla in a dream and POW she speaks Jondalar s language Jondalar getting a hard n nearly every ther time he sees Ayla along with groin pains which tells me he needs to see someone about his urinary tract infection Ayla wanting Jondalar to sex her up but Jondalar not doing so because he thinks she is in healing training Or something Oh yeah and also during this whole time Jondalar hardly talks about his dead brother and when he finds Monsieur de Saint-George: Virtuoso, Swordsman, Revolutionary: A Legendary Life Rediscovered out it was Ayla s cave lion that killed Thonalan and she chased the cave lion away he is like Wow you must be a spirit to have such controlver animalsDid you know that Broud s Garden of The Gods organ created Durk Ayla isn t totally sure but she thinks it is a man srgan that makes a baby not a fight between totemsWhen the two FINALLY talk it ver Jondalar initially can t get past his Ew she had sex with a flathead Flathead cooties But this doesn t last too longAyla is the PERFECT woman with the perfect breasts perfect lips perfect hair perfect ba donka donk Jondalar is pretty sure we wouldn t remember this r figure it The Fruits of Graft: Great Depressions Then and Now out forurselves so he makes sure to remind us OFTENAfter a few sex scenes that get repetitive to the max which is NUTS yes there have been about 6 in this book but I wouldn t think the sex would get repetitive THAT fast Jondalar says he is going awayand a dream changes his mind He declares his TWOO LURVE to Ayla and Ayla reciprocates They talk endlessly about wanting to pleasure each ther Ayla suddenly learns how to deep throat and the book ends with a hint about meeting the Mammoth Hunters The Clan f the Cave Bear was uniue interesting and captivating The characters were well created the story was fantastic the setting filled with great details although at times these got to be a little excessive It s become Musical Mathematics: On the Art and Science of Acoustic Instruments onef my favorite booksTHIS book however is a disgrace It took all the things I loved about The Clan Goig of the Cave Bear set themn fire and chucked them Where Alligators Sleep over a cliff The characters becomebnoxious the story becomes a standard not well written Saraswati Park or interesting romance research is presented for the sakef research and sex replaces good character moments and character growth The best parts Ten Weeks with Chinese Bandits of this book are the Ayla chapters in the first half They are solid well constructed and bear the most similarity to the first book Once Jondalar enters the story full time the story s uality drops drasticallyNormally I would give upn this series right here but I have a death wish This book has ddly enough been a delight to listen to mostly because f the heaps Young And Naive, Wasted Years of WTFery in it Therefore I am going to continue my journey with The Mammoth Hunters and keep my fingers crossed that it is better and secretly hope it is notADDENDUM I ve rated this three stars mostly because I want to see how The Mammoth Hunters is before putting a solid rating in placeand YOU thought I was going to take this time and tell you how it was Broud srgan that created Durk HAH Dad Sohow s the bookMe Hmn Well I like the first two thirds Ebekulak or so that s all survivalist nerd stuff But after that it kindf turns into caveman pornLater that weekDad SoI borrowed your bookMe OhUncomfortable silenceMe Sowhat did you think Israeli Soldier Girl of itDad Well you were right the first two thirds is for survival nerds After that thoughUncomfortable silenceMe Caveman pornDad Not just that Bad caveman porn. Eyf Horses Jean Auel uses her thorough understanding Understories of human nature and her powerful giftf storytelling to continue the saga Commissar of Ayla and tonce again with exuisite and accurate detail re create the world as it truly might have been.

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Jean M Auel née Jean Marie Untinen is an American author best known for her Earth's Children books a series of historical fiction novels set in prehistoric Europe that explores interactions of Cro Magnon people with Neanderthals As of 2010 her books have sold than 45 million copies worldwide in many translations Auel attended University of Portland and earned an MBA in 1976 She receiv