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Unfortunately I struggled with the audio I couldn t remember who was who who was with who and where we were at So trying to follow a new storyline with new characterswhile trying to remember what had happened previously was almost impossible Once I started reading instead of listening it seemed easier I also went back and read the blurbs for each story and that helped me connect the charactersI liked the first half of the story but was a little frustrated with it too The amount of jumping around from character to character takes a bit of getting used to I forgotten this was common in this series I found that once the connection between the main characters A Day Away developed and Rhona stopped acting like she hated Vigholf it was much enjoyableThere was plenty of action in the second half Theragons and humans with battle plans hoping to end the bloody war God s interfering because they can and it gives them a sick pleasure We also get to see egotistical overlord s sending in their battalions to fight while watching safely from afar At least our Memoir of a Misfit dragons fight alongside their men and faceeath from the frontI really liked Rhona and Vigholf and enjoyed seeing their connection grow Rhona has family issues that leave her as Mum to her siblings her Mum is a bit of nasty piece of work and I struggled with her for most of the book Vigholf is pretty laid back His main focus is to protect his womanwho hasn t realised he owns her tail It will take a wee bit of convincing on his part to get her to see how he sees things for their futureMy favourite character by far is Annwyl She is a lovable lunatic who makes me laugh like a loon cringe at the violence that surrounds her and sympathise for the burden she carries One of the final scenes where she handles her 7 year old twins was a riotNow that I ve visited this series again I Looking for the Toffees don t think I ll wait uite as long to read of them especially considering it s Eibhear and Izzy s story up next I m an Aussie chick who loves to read and review romancerink coffee be a Style Setter and stalk David Gandy To see of my reviews fashion food and pervathons 35 starsI strongly suggest you read this series in order These are not stand alone romance novels written in the same world It s an ongoing series that includes one or couples falling for each otherwhile hacking enemies into bloody bits Each story in the Dragon Kin series includes a huge cast of characters from previous books that continue to play relevant parts in the story So seriouslyread the other books first if you canAnd that brings us to my problem My library Raising Gods Girl doesn t carry all of the books Soooo I ve had to read what I can get my hands onwhen I can get my hands on them Which means that I haven t read them all and certainly not in order Even though this book was enjoyable I probably would have been able to get out of it if I wasn t missing hunks of information But it wouldn t be fair of me to take off stars for something that isn t in any way the author s faultI thought both of the main characters in this book were very likable And like all of the books in the series there were lots of sweet ishfunny moments between the couple It wasefinitely a fun read even if I The Gulag Handbook didn t get all of the references to some of the other characters or plot linesRecommended for girls who like a bit of blood and gore with their romance I ll get straight to the point You must read this series That s the bottom lineYou probablyon t need to read the rest of this review now because I ll only redundantly list the reasons why you should read this bookSo let s get to it The top 5 reasons why you should read this book5 Rhona and Vigolf have great chemistry and holds up against all the other things that goes on in this book And there are a lot of things that go on so much so that it kind of boggles my mind4 The children are older and are now playing an active part in the book It s kind of creepy the things these kiddos can The Beckoning Lady (Albert Campion do3 Though Eibhear and Izzy have been separated for five yearsuring the war things are only just beginning for them When Will in the World does their book come out2 Annwyl the Bloody aka The Blood ueen kicks massive ass in this book I adore her ruthlessetermination1 The war you will not believe the amount of June Fourth Elegies detail and politics that Aiken has incorporated in this book It s epic I was raised for battle And as the firstaughter of a warrior family I ve earned my reputation the hard way Yet now I fight alongside uncivilized male Northland Baby and Child Vegetarian Recipes dragons who think a female is only good for breeding and waiting back home in the cave But it s the foolish and foolhardy who would try to stop me Rhona the Fearless fromoing what I The Confabulist do bestestroying the enemies of my kindSo the smartest thing wily barbarian Vigholf the Abhorrent can Der Illusionist do for me is stay out of my way as we risk all on aeadly mission in enemy territory I Enticing (PI Men to the Rescue don t care if he s fascinated by me even though he is as attractive as he is resourceful He s having far too much fun putting me inifficult situations and testing my sense of Spring Comes to Sanctuary (Welcome to Sanctuary, duty to the limit And I m going to enjoy challenging his insufferable confidence outwitting his schemes and making him surrender in the wildest ways A great addition to the Dragon Kin series from GAAiken I adore Ed by me even though he is as attractive as he is resourceful He’s having far too much fun putting me inifficult situations and testing my sense of uty to the limit And I’m going to enjoy challenging his insufferable confidence outwitting his schemes and making him surrender in the wildest ways.

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My love for the Dragon Kin series started with this book The Dragon Who Loved Me I idn t know when I picked up this book back in 2012 that it was the 5th book in the series This novel made me fall in love with the series and I Riding Class (Saddle Club, deiced to read from book 1 to the end and Iid Audio Jan 2019 Here is where the narration change comes in from Hollie Jackson to Morgan Hallett I wasn t found of this change but eventually I got use to it It took time for me to get into Morgan Hallett s narration and the voice s for all the old characters Thou in this one we meet a bunch of new Silver Stirrups (Saddle Club, dragons I really loved this book all over again We get a war that is on going we see that years have pasted and that their are now children from human andragon matings or not matings It s a turning point in the series and a new Different Class direction As always the humor is great and I feel it comes across so much better in audio then reading but both options a greatRated 5 Stars 45 stars one of the best in the series and one of my favorite new releases this yearI couldn t put this bookown great mix of action humor romance and suspense I liked the main characters and how their relationship Short Stories by Roald Dahl developed over the first half of the book Theyidn t immediately jump into bed together It was good seeing the characters from the earlier books the way the author brought them back into this book was very well handled Except for Keita who continues to get on my nerves She wasn t in this one a lot thank goodness There s a lot of violence in this book but I like a good fight scene so that s ok by me The war scenes at the end were very suspenseful and full of action I was on the edge of my seat The Goldilocks the Three Bears dialogue was well written often funny and believable Up until now book 3 has been my favorite Gwenvael Dagmar were hilarious but this was even better Aiken really brought her A game with The Dragon Who Loved Me Can t wait for the next oneIf you haven t read this series it s one of the better fantasy romancePNR series aboutragon shapeshifters Best to read the books in order since each story builds on the earlier ones and characters show up in later books The books tend to have a lot of actionviolence bawdy humor and a nice amount romance The sex scenes are typical for what you find in mainstream romance books steamy but not over the top Re readPart of my binge re read of Dragon Kin to refresh my memory since I read The Dragon Who Loved Me almost 4 years ago This is the weeks of the ragon in my humble abode you all And I hope I on t make you tired with all my Dragon Kin updates because I find that re read an ongoing series is a one of best reading experience I ve ever read You may see some memes that stated it s only I can read an awesome book for the first time again Guess what Re read is not bad It s will sharpen your memory reading something new that you may miss at your first reading and also give you a whole Socialist Realism different perspective You can either whyyy I rated this so great before or well I guess I change my mind This book is great actually why I rated low I never know and etcIn case of The Dragon Who Loved Me my opinion stillidn t change from my first read I agreed that this book is a turn of tide book This book also have full war scenes many intertwined plots and Aiken executed it brilliantly Her Dragon Kin series keep expanding with new characters and also old characters that I grow fond of To be honest the main couple of Dragon Who Loved Me can be any I Look Up To... Michelle Obama dragon from Cadwaladr clans or any Lightnings blae bla I Doctor Extraño don t care Didn t mean Vigholf and Rhona are useless but the main story about this book is like Anywll s war against Irons and their allies Still I also like Vigholf and Rhona but I like the whole story Alsosome hint that Keita finally will let Ragnar Claimed her after their 5 years together Why Ragnar can tolerate Keita he might be the most patienceragon alike in Dragon Kin Also I know of course that Eibhear and Izzy will get their own book but I believe Eibhear is toooblivious with his own feeling to his niece not by blood Izzy And because of that he constantly beating Celyn because Celyn once having sex with Izzy I find that that fact idn t annoy me like it id when I first read about it I guess my reading taste just simply matured and I can tolerate this kind of thing Can t blame Izzy at first since well of course it s Eibhear s fault PWhat annoy me the most isthe paperback version I read Since it s have the same cover with Eibhear s book How to Drive a Dragon Crazy I really want to gaze to Paul Marron s back in the original cover Below is my first read review and you know when I gushed about a book I loved I gushed a lot So enjoy D5 Stars Loved loved loved thisNote This book is not mean to be read stand alone and must read in order Yeah yeah I know it s suck I know some reader Never Tell doesn t like series But you will regret someday if you not start reading Dragon Kin books GA Aiken never failed to amazed me Her Dragon Kin already in 5th installment and the story still going strong For me I love her Aiken books rather than her other pen name Shelly Laurenston s aka Pride series Ion t know about Pride it s like a Feminism is for Everybody daily life of shapeshifter with somehow confusing plotline Yet it s kinda popula. Come on barbarian light my fireI was raised for battle And as the firstaughter of a warrior family I’ve earned my reputation the hard way Yet now I fight alongside uncivilized male Northland ragons who think a female is only good for breeding and waiting back home in the cave But it’s the fooli.

R maybe because Dragon Kin have some hardly pronounced character names While Dragon Kin is easily to understand Its story is about the journey of Anwyll the Bloody ueen ruler of Garbhann Isle To efend her kingdom against enemy with help from her Comet in Moominland (The Moomins, dragon mate and his crazy family Cadwaladr Dragon from his father side and how some people andragons getting involved to her What I love again from Dragon Kin is while it s still have bantering and witty Hunters Heart dialogue some you shake your head moment when read about their brawling and some steamy sex scene the story was engaging and if we push aside all part that will make us rolling eyes GA Aiken indeed is a good fantasy writer She write about politic and war strategy as smooth as glass The action is non stop the politic is intriguing and the character no matter how crazy they was are adorable You can t help to loved themespite their flaws and crazinessThe Dragon Who Loved Me is Rhona the Fearless one of Cadwaladr Dragon and Vigholf the Abhorrent Lightning Menneskefluene (K2 dragon s story Yet the main focus is not just them but another characters so well So many characters I suggest you to not read this first Dragon Kin must be read in order to understand the characters and the plot in particular We will get know about new kind ofragons In this book we will introduced to Iron Dragons archenemy of Fire Dragon and their ally Lightning Dragon and Volcano Dragons New characters were introduced make the plot thicken The gods again interfere try to control the war Anwyll and her cohorts faceThe romance side not in its finest while I Nazi Gold don t think that Rhona and Vigholf are boring couple Actually I love them compared to the previous book couple like Ragnar and Keita who still not let Ragnar Claim her They re kinda cute their bantering also not make me tired and always make me can t help to smile Also Vigholf kinda like Mitch Shaw eat and eat and eat Rhona is like some heroine that Shelly Laurenston had created I wonder if she kinda have some love and hate relationship with her mother for mostly heroine she created always have problem with their mother as wellReaders who follow this series from the beginning will rejoice to read about previous characters such as Anwyll Talaith and Dagmar Also Keita she still cunning like usual Morfyd and Brastias another favorite couple alasoesn t have to much scene The twins aka Anwyll s children kinda creepy They can kill the enemy with ease yet they still 8 years old I cringed when read it but in that era children sometimes had been faced into harsh condition and also their parents is not there to protect themMy favorite scene is when Anwyll finally meet Fearghus after been separated for 5 years Five years said you While Anwyll so bloody maniacal to her enemy act crazy even to her comrades treat anyone who Mr Majeika and the School Inspector dare to cross her she back to herself when met Fearghus She become a woman a whole woman who missed her mateearly And her scene when she cry and hug Fearghus remind me that Anwyll actually just a normal woman when it concern her mateWhat I find fascinating is how Ms Aiken naming the Selected Poems dragons The Southlanderragon the Fire Breather have Celtic names hence why Rhiannon s Royal Family Name Gwachayr mab Gwayar not sure I spell it right have Celts terms Their gods also have Celts name Their enemy turn ally Lightning Dragon whom lived at Northland have Viking name The Irons Dragon whom ruled Western Land with their iron fist have Rome names And Dragon in the east who still on t know what their capability yet have ChineseJapanese name Which elight me because there s some character named Ren Like my name lolDragon Kin is one of my crack books and it sadden me to know that the seventh book To Kiss a Dragon will be released December 2014 It s too loooooooong I have Izzy and Eibhear book s How To Drive a Dragon Crazy but I Doctor Strange, Vol. 2 don t know if I want to wait any longer Guess I will re read previous books because Ms Aiken make me addicted to her books and her wonderful crazyragons A lusty testosterone filled and laugh out loud funny romance guaranteed to make you fall in love I m a huge fan of GA Aiken s aka Shelly Laurenston ragons This is the fifth book in what has been a fantastic series Like with many other PNR series the world building and cast of characters gets bigger with each book but GA oesn t let that The Train Robbers detract from the main romance Vigholf the Abhorrent is a Northlandragon a race who are renowned for Review posted Happily Ever After ReadsI admit I couldn t remember exactly who Vigholf was at the start this world is pretty complex very fun but there are No Reason To Die dragons everywhere to keep track of but as soon as a reference was made to Annwyl cutting the long warrior hair off aragon and having it attached to her helmet Vigholf was the unlucky warrior 45 stars Very entertainedonce I settled inI needed an escape from reality and I Naked Risk (Shatterproof definitely got that with The Dragon Who Loved Me I love escaping to another world whereragons come in Raking The Ashes different shapes and colours Wars are fought for power and everlasting love spans centuries It s been a wee while since I ve read a Dragon Kin instalment and I was completely lost in the first half I hadecided to treat myself to a copy of the kindle and the audio. Sh and foolhardy who would try to stop me Rhona the Fearless from Ellie (Ellie, doing what Io best Dear Office-Politics destroying the enemies of my kindSo the smartest thing wily barbarian Vigholf the Abhorrent cano for me is stay out of my way as we risk all on a Thomas Harriott deadly mission in enemy territory Ion’t care if he’s fascinat.

Shelly LaurenstonNew York Times and USA Today Bestselling author GA Aiken Originally from Long Island New York lives on the West Coast and spends most of her time writing and making sure her rescued Pittie doesn’t love everyone into a coma When she’s not writing about sexy dragons she’s writing about sexy wolf lion tiger and other fang filled predators under the name