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First of the premise was eally a catch Instead of the usual foreign zombies and vampires a finally ead a book about our local creatures Imagining them in a post apocalyptic Philippines is eally a treat and I found that old hermit to be uite a laugh My problem though is with the plot twist It was very predictable I was not surprised with it at all And as for the problem in the ending there s a lot of modern ways to avoid it which annoyed me too But most was the tone the author used specially when describing the two leading men Too much Twilight in it But heck it was a girl that wrote it so I guess it was expectedGenerally a good ead just seems for the female crowd though Guys beware This is Twilight in the Philippines It was an awesome ead It was efreshing for me since the lore used by the author in this urban fantasy was distinctively of Philippine myths I immediately got hooked on the main heroine of the story Aegis or Athena her eal name She kind of eminded me of Katniss in Hunger Games She is badass and can kick ass of many many Naermyths She is uthless as a shepherd and even lacking emotion sometimes but war does that to people I like many of the characters in this story like her brothers in arms Dorian and most especially River there is also the eccentric mad historian Tito Bing he was such a iot The world building in this one is fascinating because of the familiar mythical creatures used and maybe only in the filipino teleserye do I come to appreciate such kind of stories I am happy that this is one author who was brave enough to write this kind of popular genre in the filipino My Book Review as Promise that might Suck because I m watching somethingSo okay I ll just use pros and consPros1 Some parts are original or ather I first know from it like the Rumpelstiltskin Anomaly etc2 Okay the filipino lore was cool like the Kapre dwende aswang diwata etc3 She actually writes decent action scenes which eminds me of how Cassandra Clare would write it4 The ending was eally good and unpredictable though the epilogue was just meh5 I do love the Macky part but I think there s a typo with how Fey should be spelled because in this one it was spelled as FayCons1 This eminds me of a lot of things like Mockingjayview spoilerwith the Mamon thingy Coin in Mockingjay hide spoiler Why is this book still not a unaway hit Can t you see how much of a genius Karen Francisco isWell she is Post apocalypse the Philippines and the est of the world is under attack by no less than the creatures we branded as Mythical As something that only our yayas and lolas would know about Well we underestimated them because the Naermyths or the never myths have come out of the shadows and has taken over the world Karen Francisco created a whole new world The whole world isn t just. Never were they myth in the first placeThe world ended It was not because of a comet prophecy natural disaster or whatever garbage foretold on the internet but because every myth ever written turned out to be an account of historical fact These monsters we’ve ead about as children.

The Philippines she also gave the eaders glimpses on what s happening to the est of the Earth Dragons dominate Europe Big foot in Canada and so on The story does not evolve around Metro Manila too The characters move around the Philippines Makati is Naermyth territory because it used to be a swamp Pangasinan is Naermyth free bacause they produce sea salt there and Capiz is the center of naermyth government ofcourse I also want to commend Karen for doing her esearch She did not grew up hereright but she certainly know what she s talking about She knows the Filipino folklores everything from the nuno sa punso to the diwatas that lived in the mountains She knows every Naermyth characteristics and capabilities I finished this around ten last night and I was sacred to go out my oom P Its that effective but then again I have always been a cowardI also liked that Karen focused on back stories which made the characters eal betrayals human greed and all that Although I found it a bit boring because there weren t that much action and there were so many information that were given in the form of dialogues The story was very unexpected The true nature of Dorian that I don t like the appearances of the Diwatas Mamon who I know even from the start can t be trusted who chooses Mamon as an alias Although her name was a foreshadowing River who was way too corny but I have grown to love and basically everything about this book is unexpected I was glad I ead thisBEST THING about this book its only 250 Php D This is a well crafted piece of work Karen Francisco wrote this book probably based on what she thought would be saleable as in uso but I think she was also trying to positively influence the taste of the eading public Not to the extent of going doing it ala Syjuco ie making the story hard to ead so that it will be seen as a cerebral work but Francisco did it in a local exporter style She made use of our indigenous materials She used local yet skillful world class craftsmanship And probably while writing she was dreaming of not only pleasing local young eaders in the country but also the international eaders by writing in English and not in masang masang Tagalog languageThis book belongs to fantasy love story ather horror genre In fact it failed to scare me bigtime I got the book as a prize for winning Pinoy Henyo in last year s Christmas Party of the Filipinos group here in Goodreads From what I heard while holding the book and grinning ear to ear this book has all those mythological scary characters that we as Filipino children heard when we were young manananggal tikbalang kapre etc If you look at the cover you would get an impression that this is about those things as there seemed to be a winged animal on top of a dark deserted building The only difference was Waged a war that lead to the human ace’s downfall And the unlucky who survived are hunted down or worse torturedIn these dark times people could only turn to the Shepherd for help I am one such Shepherd and I thought my only task was to protect the few humans who still thrived on.

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Hat those Filipino mythological characters have been associated with ural surroundings so I thought that I knew what the story was all about That was the eason why I postponed eading this for than 6 months Not only I know that this would be another cheap offshoot copycat of Twilight with a Bella like character falling for either a handsome tikbalang or kapreI was wrong AlmostWell Francisco knows how to write a good story Written in first person narrative and with consistent and seamless use of point of view her prose is simple yet this book is hardly a YA She knew a lot about foreign mythologies and tried to blend them to our own Example of this is the derivation of the antagonist name Mamon that everyone would thought to be a sponge cake but Francisco said that the name is a derivative of Mammon the demon of wealth and greedy pursuit The story can be about mythological macabre characters but the book does not insult your intelligence probably the way I felt eading Suzanne Collin s Mockingjay Sorry I just want to drive the point that this for me is not a YA This is probably the eason why local fantasy fans are still not buying and eading this book based on what I see here in GoodreadsHowever the omance formula of having a love triangel that worked in Twilight with Edward Bella Jacob and The Hunger Games with Peeta Katniss Gale almost made this book formulaic Almost because it seemed to me that Francisco is imaginative than Mayer and Collins by incorporating backstories into the lives of the two gentlemen Dorian and River who are the two love interests of the female protagonist Athena aka Aegis The men s backstories are about their true identities who between them is the true Naerymth and Shepherd I will not answer that uestion so as not to spoil your funThe milleu is the post apocalyptic Philippines now being uled by Naermyths elegating the still human survivors called Shepherds into hiding fugitive minorities Imagine the whole EDSA Paranaue Baguio etc all unlit and you are walking at night with all the duendes lurking in the dark watching you pass byOverall I enjoyed eading this book Francisco should be given the credit not for using a tested formula but incorporating it with a familiar local milleu and using a lot of her imagination to make it scary and believable at least for this genre s fans She may be doing this to ide on the bandwagon but with the way she intricately interwoven her characters lives to come up with a credible denounment is something that is are in the local literary field Her command of English and knowledge in both foreign and local mythologies are something that I also admire I hope there will be local writers who will write novels in English as eadable and sensible as Francisco Not necessarily in omantic fantasy genre though. This desolate world But when I escued Dorian from Dwende captivity I discovered that not only is he the most dangerous thing to have around but he could be our one hope for edemption I now find myself protecting a born killer but in doing so I’m turning my back on everything hum.

Karen Francisco graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the Ateneo de Manila University After a brief but very memorable stint in law school she finally pursued her love of the arts at the University of the Philippines with a second degree in Visual Communications Francisco started writing Naermyth while interning in a government office hoping an apocalypse would spice up