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Nna is a fine rendition of the confusing times of the 1970s where people ived with opposing s that often become a uagmire where they meet The Glass Madonna shows the family relationships revolving a character who endears the reader to her and wants to see her succeed kindle 312 I thought this book was an interesting The Touch look back at the 70 s whenife for women was beginning to change immensely It did make me realize that despite the years and strides made since then some of the issues of our On His Majestys Service lives will remain unchanged The autho Trying to work her way into an all male society of glass workerseaves her open to attack and not understanding that it them not her that is at fault I couldn t put this book down Done by a fellow writer out of Tallahassee Fl Very well done Our book club had the pleasure of having Donna Meredith visit with us on March 15 2012 The Glass Madonna is about women being abused and finding their way out of an abused relationships Also the power of family secrets Her new book is titled The Color of Lies. From Aunt Livvie Sarah Different Class learns about women in her family who overcame wrenchingosses brutal working conditions and rape Her aunt's stories and wisdom and her family's unconditional The Essential Good Food Guide love give Sarah the courage to forge a newife for herself and her child The Glass Madonna underscores the importance of the women's movement in freeing women and men from debilitating secrets and ruinous marriages The protagonist Sarah is a woman who will steal your heart.

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Wow I just finished Donna Meredith s The Glass Madonna The ingenious title and book cover alone is enough to draw in any recovering or perplexed Catholic woman The overarching theme of the oxymoron concept of a Virgin Mother promulgated by the Catholic Church and the double standards and ineuality females face every day still in 2017 unfolds on every page of this page turner Ms Meredith s writing has it all It s an immigrant story It s a glass industry story It s a generational story It s a women s awakening story The historical details are informative the gender tensions are riveting The novel is educational brutally honest fully researched and written with an authenticity that warms the heart and soothes the soulThrough the web of interconnections of her many well developed characters Ms Meredith is able to incorporate all the social tensions of history in her novel male vs female values war vs peace vegetarian vs carnivore alcoholism and drug addictions vs sobriety mistreatment of the mentally ill vs informed care jobs vs. Donna Meredith's award winning debut novel The Glass Madonna tells the powerful story of a woman's determination to create her own destiny Coming of age was supposed to be easy in the 70s After all women have been Textbook of Wisdom liberated andove is free Why does Sarah Stevens find ife so hard Union rules and tradition still ban women from making glass an art form Sarah views as part of her family heritage And regard for virginity is not as dead as Sarah thinks when.

Environment and health We read a ot about the black ung of the coal industry but not nearly as much about the white ung of the glass industry Ms Meredith informsThe Glass Madonna herself full of secrets is uniuely woven into the travails of the female protagonist as she makes her way through all of the aforementioned social tensions and her dream of making glass The City in Mind like her Uncle With the help of Aunt Livvie who doesn t want to beueath her glass Madonna to Sarah and from the wisdom of all her Aunt s on Aunt Hill whose secrets do get revealed the main protagonist teaches us all how to overcome ineuality andive a fulfilling ife in spite of our human shortcomings This novel delivers on the scale of Harriett Arnow s The Dollmaker Harriette Beecher Stowes Uncle Tom s Cabin Helen Hunt Jackson s Ramona Pearl Buck s This Proud Heart Gail Godwin s A Southern Familycan t wait to read from Donna Meredith Prose so exuisite and compelling so artifully rendered that it is difficult to set the book down for even a moment The Glass Mado. She gives hers up to a college boyfriend Her husband unable to get past his jealousy isolates her in a backwoods trailer and tells her he always wanted to marry a virgin Unintentionally reinforcing his criticism Aunt Livvie treasures a family heirloom a glass figurine of the Madonna It shines with perfect purity no real woman could achieve The novel weaves together stories of three generations of glass workers who emigrate from Germany to West Virginia.

Donna Meredith's books feature strong women haloes slightly tarnished The Associate Editor of Southern Literary Review she is the author of five award winning novels Buried Seeds Fraccidental Death Wet Work “The Glass Madonna” and “The Color of Lies” that are popular with book clubs as well as the nonfiction book “Magic in the Mountains Kelsey Murphy Robert Bomkamp and the West Vi