Joan Holub: Glory's Freedom: A Story of the Underground Railroad (Doll Hospital, Book 3)

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Tory interesting She also did a good job of getting some education in for kids about slavery and the nderground railroad which I think is a good idea Historical. Their grandmother who runs a doll hospital while their parents are working out of the country Their grandmother has a special power to communicate with dolls and to tell their storiesIn this book we meet Glory a doll who is given to a slave girl

I think it needs actionin it but I kinda liked it I expected this to be boring and tedious because of the age group but the author did a good job keeping the The 3rd book in the Doll Hospital series tells the dual stories of Glory a doll owned by a slave who traveled to freedom via the Underground Railroad and modern day sisters Rose and LilaSisters Rose and Lila ages 10 and 7 are spending the year with.

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Fiction for kids is great Overall decent book I think kids would enjoy it Glory s Freedom is a worthy third book for the Doll Hospital series Yay Rose and Lila. Amed May by Arabella the daughter of a plantation owner Glory then accompanies May on her journey to freedom Years later Glory is discovered by the new owners of an old house that Maid in Montana unbeknownst to them wassed as a stop along the Underground Railroa.

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