Christopher Kendris: 501 Spanish Verbs (501 Verb Series)

Uable learning tool and in particular I like the complete conjugation of the most popular 501 verbs used in Spanish a comprehensive explanation of the 55 most important verbs full definition of the 14 verb tenses covered by the book an additional 2200 verbs and so much within the content of the book I have ust purchased the 8th edition which contains many other informative tips as well as downloadable audio content covering many exercises in applying Spanish grammar I thoroughly recommend this book if you are serious about learning this wonderful language Brilliant I had previously bought the Collins book of verbs but it doesn t contain enough This one is a bumper book and so far has had every verb formation I ve needed for my Spanish iGCSE course. G English and Spanish words andThe brand new audio compact disc that is also enclosed emphasizes correct Spanish pronunciation and listening comprehension as it reviews Spanish verb forms regular and irregular verb conjugations standard verb usage verb tenses an.

Great for school My book is falling apart a bit but is so useful I particularly like the section which lists the most common verbs and have concentrated on trying to learn these I feel it has helped me a lot If you use it regularly and take it out with you buy the Kindle version I did this recently and it is very useful as the book is uite big and was weighing my classes bag down too much Don t be daunted by the fact that I am still learning after 13 years I enjoy it and have only done it for leisure and also have had whole years away from it when doing freelance work A very comprehensive coverage of grammar A great reference tool Marvellous book it is a great help as it clearly shows how the verbs are conjugated Also gives lots of phrases using. The world's bestselling Spanish verbs reference book has ust gotten better It presents the 501 most common Spanish verbs alphabetically arranged one verb per page with conjugations in all tenses Additional information includes verbs used in idiomatic phrases wi.

The verbs in their different formats I would highly recommend it to anyone learning Spanish An invaluable book which not only makes reading and writing good Spanish much easier it helps to teach you grammar along the way Brilliant Excellent aid to working through Spanish verbs and their conjugations An essential tool for progressing the learning I first bought Barrons 501 Spanish Verbs in 2007 when it was in its 6th edition I have since become addicted to learning the language and have taken part in several academic internet based and local conversation groups Each step along the way I have have had at hand my copy of this publication It has been useful in so many aspects of learning a foreign language There are many strong points about this val. Th example sentences a list ofthan 2100 additional regular verbs conjugated like the book's 501 modal verbs freuently used phrases for tourists andThe enclosed CD ROM presents exercises with answers in Spanish sentence completion dialogue word completion matchin.

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