Virgil: The Aeneid (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition)

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Ven the trepidation I elt before receiving it Fagles translation is superb and or anyone new to Aeneid you re in or a serious treat If the Aeneid was a Perfect Phrases for Lead Generation film it would be something high octane probably directed by Ridley Scott or James Cameron the good ones The language is powerful luxurious surgingorward off the pages Fagles use of present tense does not damage the experience Conversationally Speaking for me whatsoever If anything it brings the experience of this adventure to theor Very pleased with book. E Retaining all of the gravitas and humanity of the original this powerful blend of poetry and myth remains as relevant today as when it was irst written.

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EASE BE AWARE This review is or the Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition only have replicated my review on the Oxford Classics edition webpage which is inaccurateIf I d gone on the strength of the pitiful reviews on here I d never have bought this version and would instead have opted or perhaps the Oxford Classics version However a personal twist of Beowulf is my name (Rinehart editions, 146) fate American partner bought this and I wanted to keep abreast meant me purchasing this over another I can t speak highly enough especially gi. Res of Aeneas wholees the ashes of Troy to embark upon a tortuous course that brings him to Italy and ulfills his destiny as ounder of the Roman peopl.

Be VERY careful when purchasing The Aeneid on Kindle or Audible There are different versions translated by different people and does not seem to differentiate well between them I was looking or Robert Fagles translation and when I purchased the Kindle version it was not the Fagles version that I received Indeed the version I received was only Books 1 to 7 just half of the Aeneid I would certainly not recommend the version I purchased images attached because it is not the ull book PL. Robert Fagles's latest achievement completes the magnificent triptych of Western epics A sweeping story of arms and heroism The Aeneid ollows the adventu.