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After reading the first book I didn t think the series could get any better but I was so wrong The world and characters that have been created are fantastic and a breath of fresh air Their ersonalities shine throughThe story continues as Morrigan is accepted into WUNSOC and follows her through her lessons there However being a Wundersmith has it s downsides as she has to keep it a secret So she finds she is mistreated by those who know what she is and those who don t Along the way she and her new brothers and sisters who completed the trials face the hardships of blackmail can they stay loyal to each other when it comes to it or will they throw Morrigan under the busWhat a fabulous series I can t wait to read the next installment While I really enjoyed reading Nevermoor I unfortunately found Wundersmith to be a bit of a mixed bag To begin with the Global Corporations in Global Governance positive the world building is still fantastic The novel was as whimsical as ever but this novel also seemed to be a bit creepier than the last From the tension of the Ghastly Market to theure horror of the Museum of Stolen Memories this time the reader really sees beyond the wonder of Nevermoor to its dark heart Yet as scary as it could be in Angels in Harmony places the book still felt very appropriate for it target readersYet despite the fact that Wundersmith was very original inlaces this seuel also seemed to take a lot from Harry Potter From the new addition of a magical school to the Nevermoor Bazaar and Ghastly Market which were very similar to Diagon Alley and Knockturn Alley it was impossible not to compare the two stories which did detract a little for meThe story was also not uite as focused as the last one While ever I absolutely loved this book This is a middle grade book that is absolutely for ALL agesAfter how much I loved the first in the series I was hesitant to go into this as I have had a lot of seual books really let me down I am elated to report this was not the case I absolutely adorred this book Guys I cant Sketchy Behavior put into words how much I loved this book It was such a wonderful expansion on the whimsical and magical world that is Nevermoor At every turn of theage another beautiful scene is Autumn Brides painted for you You really get to feel like you are exploring your favoritelaces Wunsoc The Deucalion and the magical city of Nevermoor With this book we really dive into Morrigans struggles with acceptance and your heart breaks for everything she is going through The new characters that you meet and your old favorites are so intriguing that you cant help but turn The Princess and the Three Knights page afterage to learn about their stories With the cast of characters so expansive and so well done you feel like you are talking to them right along side Mog But I have to say my absolute favorite at least so far has to be Hawthorne He is the epitome of what a best friend should be loyal and unwavering Everyone needs a Hawthorne in their life and its so very heartwarming to watch his friendship with Morrigan If anyone deserves a true best friend its our MogI could gush about how fantastic this book is for hours but that would just take time away from you reading this book Put down goodreads and go The Beauty of Believing pick up this book I love being back in this world Nevermoor was ho. The captivating and heartounding seuel to the New York Times bestselling and #1 Kids' Indie Next Pick Nevermoor The Trials of Morrigan Crow as heroine Morrigan battles a new evil Mo.

Nestly the best middle grade fantasy book since Harry Potter There were a few things that I wantedexpected in this seuel such as interactions between Morrigan and Jupiter school and hotel scenes etc I feel like would have bumped it up to 5 stars for me but this was still a fantastic seuelOn that note some of the interactions between Jupiter and Morrigan were just so beautiful and touching They totally remind me of Sirius and Harry s relationship Okay okay no comparisons with Harry Potter because this series is completely different but it just seems t THIS IS THE SECOND BOOK IN A SERIESI really enjoyed this book a lot and days after reading it am still thinking about it and wanting to read Middlegrade novel this series is good for children aged 9 to 12 but like harry Sticky Church potter I think it can be enjoyed by all ages I myself am 22This book is uite hefty and so maybe wait for theaperback to come out however I would recommend this one as under the sleeve the hardback book is decorated beautifully When I first read Nevermoor it completely blew my mind Here it was That new series that I had been waiting for A fantasy book that didn t leave me feeling disappointed or a bit flat I wanted a one way ticket to NevermoorAnd then Wundersmith was announced and I was in my applecart of happiness I Forbidden Love Unchained pre ordered my copy and I waitingatiently by the letterbox on release day and then it was delivered HurrahAnd then I Witches of the Deep South put it on my bookshelf and forgot to read it I know I am a terribleerson However with the release of the third book in the series Hollowpox happening imminently I decided to grab Wundersmith and get lost in the wonderful world of Nevermoor once againIn Wundersmith we see Morrigan beginning to grow up She has started attending the Wundrous Society and has to deal with the everyday Metro 2033 (Universo Metro) problems of being a kid andeople being mean but also with the deathly blackmail that is being sent to her friends They have to decide whether they will keep Morrigan s secret even if it comes at a costI really enjoyed Wundersmith Morrigan has to learn to stand on her own two feet Jupiter her mentor is otherwise engaged with serious Nevermoor situations and hasn t got time for what Morrigan believes to be school girl Christianity problems She has to toughen up Whilst she is toughening up we still see her vulnerability and her need to feel included It is her vulnerability that makes her so likeable Townsend also uses Wundersmith to reveal and of this magical world she has created and the you learn about it the you wish you were a character in the novelWhilst Irobably enjoyed Nevermoor than Wundersmith I can say that Townsend has kept the magic alive with her second descent into this fictional world and it has made me even keen to read Hollowpox Wundersmith by Jessica Townsend is available now I loved NEVERMOOR so much I ordered a copy from England so I could also have it in Run for Your Life (Michael Bennett, paperback while I waited impatiently for WUNDERSMITH to come out And then as I read WUNDERSMITH I was so enchanted and intrigued that I didn t want it to ever end Sadly it ended and it llrobably be a long time for a 3rd book Jessica Townsend is a clever talented and a skillful wordsmith She managed to create loveable uniue character. Rrigan Crow and her best friend Hawthorne Swift are now Alice-Miranda at Camp proud scholars in the elite Wundrous Society but life is far fromerfect Does Morrigan have what it takes to rove that she be.

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S balancing rising conflict with heartfelt fun moments I m waiting for the world to explode with wunder for this amazing series I am recommending it to EVERYONE It s a delightful adventure for us even as it s a bewildering one for twelve year old Morrigan when she takes a train to the mystical Wunderground and begins classes with eight others all of whom have uniue magical skillsexcept her She s been identified as a Wundersmith but what does that mean exactly The only other erson with that label is definitely not a nice The Association of Small Bombs person and he s frightened manyeople with his abuse of his owers Morrigan is worried will she discover if she has any magic like her new classmates Will others despise her when they find out what she is Can she make friends With strong echoes of Harry Potter and Hogwarts we read about eccentric and difficult teachers the challenges to learning magical arts secrets that must be kept and unexpected tests to see if Morrigan s group can support each other And Morrigan who s known her weaknesses all too well starts to see she has strengths tooThis story contains many unexpected twists but has a satisfying ending The author uts us into the action immediately but there are many unusual names and references to The White Mans Burden people and events so that I wondered if I should have read the first of the series before this The first was a bestseller FYI and I suspect this will be too And it would make a great movie too As arimary headteacher I like to keep up with books I can recommend to my Visit the Sick pupils My 9 year old daughterassed on the first of the Morrigan Crow books which I loved Great characters an immersive world full of wonder and a cracking Carry Me Over the Threshold plot I downloaded book 2 and have read it straight through If anything it improved on book one bringing the reader further into the magical world of Nevermoor I will be buying both books for school I love this one as much as the first bookI loved being back in the world of Wunder with Morrigan againWe have self discovery acceptance testing of friendships mystery and intrigue in this installment Secrets are uncovered and secrets are kept This book just kept me turningage after The Courtship Basket page to see Morrigan and Unit 919 go through the challenges that came there wayTownsend created a wonderful atmosphere in both books I could see the world in my head clearly The book wasaced really well and made it so easy to read this in one day I can t wait to get my hands on Hollowpox As a die hard Harry Potter fan I wasn t sure how I d feel about this series The similarities to HP are numerous Underprivileged child with Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 2 Samuel (The Expositors Bible Commentary powers goes off to a magical realm to hone her skills fight evil encounter magical creatures form friendships with other magical kids compete in fantastic competitions etc Boy was Ileasantly surprised And as much as Harry will be forever in my heart I daresay I find these books to be slightly better written Don t hate me JK This book is well aced and well balanced The main character is well developed and relatable I appreciate that the main character has a bit of a snarky humorous attitude that balances out her dark side Its overall a bit lighter than HP but not fluffy or silly I really enjoyed it and look forward to future book. Longs in the SocietyNevermoor The Trials of Morrigan Crow was an instant New York Times bestseller an IndieBound bestseller and a #1 Indies Introduce Pick with movie rights sold to Fo.