Crime and Punishment

Had to try it I m happy to say that I njoyed this book and it was written very well It was than just a story of a crime but also a love story A story of devotion redemption and guilt The story was sort of slow at the beginning but definitely made up for it in the Dark Awakening end I loved it in so many ways all the context it s beyond and than I canxpected I was really tired this romance like Hawks Way (Hawks Way everything going well and the gonna be happy until thend amem OH BOY so I bought this one because my friend told me it s better than Family Men everything you already read And it s This book is invery top 100 novels list and for good reason Maybe it s just me but I love classical Russian literature There are real insights into the human condition the human mind wealth and poverty power and weakness Good stuffAs for the book seller the book came as described and fairly uickly I originally read this Master Piece about 60 years ago and wanted to review it from a different time in my life It continues to be a major study in human psychology and the human mind It is an in depth look at the mind of a young man smart intelligent lost in his mind with no goals or ambitionHe is fascinated by Socialism and the idea of utopia while believing his so call superior intellect gives him the right to murder lessor human beings If you think humans are really complicated read it read it read it WTF A bunch of words are replaced with the number 3 Seriously Also the book is an abridged version thaty is about a uarter as long as the original Total crap not Creative Participation even worth 99cents Total rip off DO NOT BUY THIS KINDLE VERSION OF THIS BOOK This is not Crime and Punishment of Fyodor Dostoyevsky it is a bunch of a few pages whichnds abruptly in the middle of a sentence Maybe not Sabina Spielrein even a uarter of the book How this is possible WAT This crappy book has no page numbers and there are probably fewer than 100 pages whereas Crime and Punishment is between 500 and 700 pages There is no publisher listed nor any other info on or inside the cover It is a CRIME to pass this off to readers as a complete book and should be PUNISHM. Editor asking for an advance on yet another unwritten novel which he described as Crime and Punishment One of the supreme masterpieces of world literature Crime and Punishment catapulted Dostoyevsky to the forefront of Russian writers and into the ranks of the world's greatest novelists Drawing uponxperiences from his own prison days the author recounts in feverish compelling tones the story of Raskolnikov an impoverished student tormented by his own nihilism and the struggle between good and Cognitive Radio Networks evil Believing that he is above the law and convinced that humanitariannds ju.

If your looking for a book on the psychology of the human conscience this is the one for youI found it heavy going in places and as a conseuence it took me a while to finish itIn my view it would have benefited by being shorterThe narrative was good but the dialogue or should i say monologues in most cases seemed to me a bit disjointedThis is one of the reasons i steer clear of translations alot does get lost in translationThat being said it is still a very good readThe characters are brilliantMy favourite was the detective Petrovich who must be a blueprint for Personnel Management in Government every detective who came after My joint favourite book of all time Already had a battered copy but wanted a kindledition It s a masterpiece in the subject of introspection guilt psychological turmoil and a double murderThis is uite simply along with In Cold Blood Truman Capote a class piece of literature which can be read time time again yet continue to reveal new facets we missed 1st 2nd 3rd time round amidst so many other complex issuesCan t praise Dostoevsky highly Out of This World enough If you ve read Russian literature before then you know what I mean when I say that thier languageven when translated sounds modern and briskThe story of Raskolnikov s struggle for food and shelter whilst trying to keep a sain mind is that what it appears Social political and philosophical issues are not far from the surface of the nov Copy was a tiny fraction of the size of the actual book filled with the number 3 and incorrect translations ordered another version and it wss 600 800 pages of tiny words this is like 120 pages of massive words lmao gave me return without having to send it back tho This review is based on the uality of production This book must have been printed by Stevie Wonder Nearly The Time It Never Rained every sentence has the number 3 inserted randomly inrror The text is poorly spaced and fills the whole pageA massive disappointment and impossible to read Presumably this is why this version is so cheap I was sort of skeptical to read this book because it was written so long ago but so many people considered it a classic that The two years before he wrote Crime and Punishment 1866 had been bad ones for Dostoyevsky His wife and brother had died; the magazine he and his brother had started Epoch collapsed under its load of debt; and he was threatened with debtor's prison With an advance that he managed to wangle for an unwritten novel he fled to Wiesbaden hoping to win nough at the roulette table to get himself out of debt Instead he lost all his money; he had to pawn his clothes and beg friends for loans to pay his hotel bill and get back to Russia One of his begging letters went to a magazine.

ENT to go with it Incredible This is Dostoyevski at his best at least as far as this reader is concerned This is a complex story in many respects certainly with respect to the storyline and in the typical Russian style full of boiling motion honor degradation and mystery Rodion Romanovitch Raskolnikov a young college drop out given to dark mood and brooding temperament sulks in his cramped stuffy oppressive little boarding house room and plans a murder He has Childrens Phantasies earlier published a pseudo intellectualssay in which he postulates the right of an xtraordinary person to ven commit crime in the pursuit of a greater good This philosophy shared with the reader seems always in one way or another at the base of Rodion Romanovitch s brooding conclusion Yes that s what it was I wanted to become a Napoleon that is why I killed her Do you understand now I saw clear as daylight how strange it is that not a single person living in this mad world has had the daring to go straight for it all and send it flying to the devil I I wanted to have the daring and I killed her I only wanted to have the daring Sonia That was the whole cause of it The storyline twists and turns and interleaves a series of characters that include the pathetic the deceitful the honorable and the utterly hopeless Dostoyevski makes the depth of the read much greater than the storyline itself however Raskolnikov is positively tortured within his own mind by the plan for murder by the murder itself and by his pursuit by the predatory Investigating lawyer Porfiry Petrovich The writing amazes with its precision in describing the The Soviet Union ebb and flood ofmotion scheming and shame that torment Raskolnikov And as usual in his novels Dostoyevski Gods and Heroes explores the philosophical implications of good and bad afterlife or darkness and human conseuence related to an interconnected universe An old fashioned Epilognds the read giving the reader some closure on Rodion and some moral conclusion for Dostoyevski Over 150 years old and still this book sets the high Science, Technology and Culture end for 5 starsDover Thriftdition 2001 Translated By Constance Garnett. Stify vile means he brutally murders an old woman a pawnbroker whom he regards as stupid ailing greedygood for nothing Overwhelmed afterwards by feelings of guilt and terror Raskolnikov confesses to the crime and goes to prison There he realizes that happiness and redemption can only be achieved through suffering Infused with forceful religious social and philosophical No Beast So Fierce elements the novel was an immediate success Thisxtraordinary unforgettable work is reprinted here in the authoritative Constance Garnett translationA selection of the Common Core State Standards Initiative.

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Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky ˌdɒstəˈjɛfski ˌdʌs ; Russian Фёдор Миха́йлович Достое́вский; IPA ˈfʲɵdər mʲɪˈxajləvʲɪtɕ dəstɐˈjɛfskʲɪj; 11 November 1821 – 9 February 1881 sometimes transliterated Dostoevsky was a Russian novelist short story writer essayist journalist and philosopher Dostoyevsky's literary works explore human psychology in the troubled political social and spiritual atmosphere of 19th century Russia Many of his works are marked by a preoccupation with Christianity explored through the prism of the individual confronted with life's hardships and beauty