Jane Jerrard, Bette Killion, Carolyn Quattrocki: Treasury of Bedtime Stories

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It got lost in a move fast forward 15 ears my dad made a joke about it when I became a parent and I was determined to find it to share these stories with my babies I found it It came uickly and was lightly worn but they just made it better to me I ve been reading it to my girls ever night since and it s an amazing thing to share with them This is indeed the book I ordered but the description called this very good condition I m picky about books but even so I d be hard pressed to even call this good uality The plastic film is coming up around the spine the back is clearly worn and there are multiple scratches and even ripsholes in the cover I am very disappointed I will likely return this copy and order someplace else Two stars because technically it is the book I asked for My mom bought this same book for my daughter and we read out of it so much that the binding was coming apart I put it in a ziplock baggy to give to my daughter when she had her baby so imagine my surprise when I found the exact same one here on First time ordering this boom review 5 stars I have been looking for this series of book for the last few ears When I grew up I had a limited edition version that was dark green with gold trim pages and it was my sister and my selves favorite book I have a dear friend who is having a baby and wanted us to give them sentimental story books that we loved growing up Even when I was a teenager I would sit and read throu. White The Three Little Pigs The Tortoise and the Hare The Steadfast Tin Soldier Cinderella The Ugly Duckling The Pied Piper of Hame.

Gh my version of this book Unfortunately it was lost when my parents moved out of my childhood home I hope the new baby loves this book just as much as I didThe only annoying thing is that they put a bar code on the face of the book that took forever to get off and I can t get the tacky texture off the book Other then that it s lightly used and well loved2nd time ordering review 3 starsI m not a big fan of reordering a book for another friends shower to discover handwriting all throughout the book I do love these books but will look for a different seller next time I order this for a shower Also the face of this books cover is gross I had been looking for this book for a while now so when I finally came across it I HAD to have it This was one of my favorite books in my early childhood ears and I lost it during a move However this is not the book I received It s a similar book with similar stories and a different cover page I was really looking forward to having the book as pictured above to read to my son Not to say this book is bad it did come in good condition and he still enjoys it I was just a bit disappointed that it wasn t the book in the pictureOn the bright side this book was very cheap because of how many stories are in it compared to buying one children s book at the cost it is today My son still enjoys this book and loves flipping through the pages himself Although the book looks different our kids will still love Lin The Sleeping Beauty Rumpelstiltskin The Three Billy Goats Gruff Beauty and the Beast Little Red Riding Hood The Gingerbread Man.

This is a wonderful book and one I enjoyed reading to my children Purchased so my daughter has a book of her own to read to her twins I gasped when I opened the package for the product photograph here does not do it anywhere near the justice it deserves My first impression of this book was that it must be protected from little hands with sticky fingers The cover is fabulous and the images and stories are wonderfully doneIt needs to be taken into story time with an oath between parent and child that it will be protected for all time I d hate to see this just handed to the kids and then mistreatedFar than just a Litttle Golden Book and worth every penny I love this book because I can read it to my 4 ear old granddaughter without having to try to make changes to the story as I go so she will understand it It s not terribly simplistic but is just right for that pre school age The stories aren t too short or too long again just right There are very colorful illustrations for every page of text which is nice The stories seem to adhere pretty much to the original tale which is to say that they don t change all the endings to make them politically correct but they don t dwell on the bad things that happen to the big bad wolf or the witch in Hansel and Gretel or go into any detail All in all this is a really nice book to read to kids with about 19 stories This was my favorite childhood book my parents read it to me every night until. Contents Goldilocks and the Three Bears Hansel and Gretel Henny Penny Puss in Boots Jack and the Beanstalk The Little Red Hen Snow.