Linux Operations and Administration

EPUB ´ Linux Operations and Administration Par chernov– – chernov–

Perfect condition Good shape for used Cd rom worked great too So for good Love it Great uality and fresh looking book Looks like no one ver used it Very happy with the buy I purchased this book for my class and it is great This book teaches you the fundamentals of Linux using vir. LINUX OPERATIONS AND ADMINISTRATION introduces readers to Linux operations and system administration through a unified installation using virtual machines This text is ffective than those that take a professional appr.

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Ctor decided to use a different book to teach Linux server concepts because of this For those that are not taking a course and want to learn some in s and out s for Linux this is a good book However for the college bound there may be better books out there that serve a fundamental style. Tration makes it asy to learn Linux and practice it with helpful in text features like learning objectives and key terms as well as items for self assessment such as review uestions hands on activities and case projec.

Tual machines and free software Great Taught me a lot about linux in my class great book and I kept it for future reference Used this book for one of my classes however I was not a fan of the book s layout That is just my personal preference but half way through the course our instru. Oach because it liminates confusion from working with differing hardware configurations while allowing users to test interoperability between Linux and Windows Detailed yet reader friendly Linux Operations and Adminis.