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Tyle that evelops the characters keeping the reader wanting to find out I also find the use of creative metaphors and similes throughout the book Der Illusionist develop a great picture in the readers mind none of your overused cliches The author also use humor throughout the book with turns of phrase that make you laugh out loud Would recommend this series to anyone I wasrawn in on the first page and couldn t put it Enticing (PI Men to the Rescue downLove this author and have since ordered several of his booksThe writing is to the point than American authors and I find the characterselightfully uirky After reading DRAGONTATTOO I started looking for other Scandinavian authors and happened on this one The cover is curled over and pages are brownOf course the book is readable but I was Spring Comes to Sanctuary (Welcome to Sanctuary, disappointed in the conditionAlso I ordered a hardcover and received a paperback Superb story linked with historical fact a shame on Denmark to thisay The story is fast noving and very intricate I have read all four of the Deoartment mysteries now and have found them all excellent Readers should read them in order as there is a background story running through them all Be careful if ordering for Kindle from com as the books have Ask the Past different titles in Denmark UK and USA Check the author s website for clarification Another excellent read with the twists and turns of a clever plot Theynamic between the 3 main characters continues to provide an element of humour and I can t wait for 5 I have surprisingly become a Jussi Adler Olsen addict and would recommend his books to anyone But make sure you start at the beginning with 1 as whilst each book has a Riding Class (Saddle Club, different story there is an ongoing theme which is relevant Happy reading I have enjoyed all of the Jussi Adler Olsen books but this one was the best yet Several plotsevelopments in Rose s and Assad s characters suspenseful from beginning to end What could you want from a crime novel I eagerly await 5 I know that it s been written and hope that the English translation will be published soon Carl Rose and Assadthe guy you want on your side They are battered and bruised in this book but continue with their tenacious investigations Curt Wad the latest villain is easy to hate Love that he gets what he Silver Stirrups (Saddle Club, deserves in the end But only just Great read and well worth the time Jussi Adleroes it again Now I m ready for the next onebring it on has sold this book to me twice first under the name Purity of Vengeance and secondly as Guilt Adler Olsen s first four series books were given one name in the UK and another in the US But how are we to know that unless we re told So I paid 15 for a UK publication without knowing it was actually Purity of Vengeance which ates back to 2010.

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Guilt is the fourth outing for Copenhagen s Department and its uirky employees Carl Morck Assad and Rose It is an absorbing intelligent read with three timelines and a terrible story of abuse racism and eugenics The novel opens in 1985 with Nete Rosen being verbally abused by Curt Wad a figure from her past at a society o To cut a long story short two years later Nete Short Stories by Roald Dahl decides to kill the six people who have had an adverse effect on her life and caused most of her suffering as a teenager In 2010 Rose persuades Carl to take on the case of Rita Nielsen who went missing in 1987 in suspicious circumstances The narrative switches between the presentay investigation Nete s murders in 1987 and further back to what led to the victims being selected Obviously the police know nothing of Nete s story or crimes and their attention is focuses on Curt Wad his Purity Party with their Goldilocks the Three Bears dreams of racial purity and The Cause whichoes its bit to weed out social undesirables with abortions and forced sterilisationsNete s history would make you weep especially as I suspect much of it is fact based you only need to look at the well ocumented activities of the Church in Ireland to see some of the correlations but her revenge is exuisite The mayhem that Curt Wad unleashes to protect his organisation is probably overdone but makes for a great read There is a certain cartoon element to the novel with their miraculous escapes from certain eath the wacky characters and juvenile humour but it leavens the seriousness of the subject matterI was glued to the pages and have sat up late to finish this long novel because I Socialist Realism didn t want to put itown so I have no hesitation in recommending Guilt as an excellent read Adler Olsen s Dept books are never less than entertaining and Guilt is no exception although he treads the fine line between comedy and grim reality with his uirky characters This one threatens rather too often to I Look Up To... Michelle Obama descend into farce and slapstick with Carl s complicated love life a rather OTT super villain in Curt Wad a macabre house party in a sealed room and some rather fortuitous and intuitive guesswork by our wacky team ofanish Doctor Extraño detectives Rather too much skipping back and forward Jussi Adler Olsen gives us here the fourth book in his Department series and as we see the group of three are investigating their mostangerous case so far where they could all end up ead If you are coming to this series for the first time then you can uite easily read this as a standalone novel however if you have read the series then you will have a greater understanding of Department and the main charactersWith some evidence being found with regards to Carl M rck and the nail gun killin.

Gs so he has to worry about this whilst he and his assistant Hafiz el Assad along with their secretary Rose start working through another cold case As is usual we read about the past with regards to the case that is under scrutiny along with the present But here we have a case that can lead to potential harm for a certain right wing political party one that most efinitely Never Tell doesn t want itsirty secrets being aired to the publicWith lots of thrills and spills with our intrepid team really pitted against not only solving past crimes but also trying to stay alive the author once again manages to inject some humour to keep this from getting too Feminism is for Everybody dark With Rose explaining the reason to put toilet seatsown to her two male colleagues I think many women will agree with herWith manipulations a web of intrigue and Deterring Democracy dirty secrets this makes for another good strong read in this series which so far hasn tisappointed I have enjoyed the Department series so far but I found this the 4th instalment to be somewhat mixed The story is interesting it made be wonder if the backstory of a far right Danish party based on eugenics had any aspect of historical truth but I found some of the plot twists unbelievable Carl can usually work out who is the main suspect when 4 out of 5 missing people are known to the same individual I also find that Assad and Rose and even Carl to some extent are becoming like stereotypes in each new story The underlying sexism and racism is also a problem with much of this stemming from Carl himself Trying to make a joke of it Comet in Moominland (The Moomins, doesn t hide the fact this is unacceptable in my viewAll in all I m considering stopping reading any further in this story line Guilt is the fourth book in the Department series and is another complex but totally engaging crime thriller While it can be read as a stand alone story my advice would be to first read the preceding three novels starting with the brilliant Mercy My reason for suggesting this is that certain threads or story lines run through each of the novels at first appearing to be of only minor relevance but as the series is unfolding these secondary story lines are gaining in importance even though they are not the main focus of this or any of the preceding novels in the series In addition with each new book in the series we learn about the backgrounds and personalities of the main Department characters Carl Assad and Rose others eg Hardy which makes each of the novels rewarding to readIn Guilt we find Carl his colleagues having toeal with a Great Writer Great story The book keeps you engrossed to the end I have read all the books in the series in order up to this one and have enjoyed them all He writes in a

Carl Valdemar Jussi Henry Adler Olsen born August 2 1950 is a Danish author publisher editor and entrepreneur Jussi Adler Olsens career is characterised by his great involvement in a wide range of media related activities In 1984 he made his debut as a non fiction writer 1997 saw his debut as a fiction writer His latest novel is The Boundless Den Grænseløse 2014 is the 6th volume in the Department series Bio from Wikipedia the free encyclopedia Photo by Lesekreis Own work CC0 via Wikimedia Commons