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G The way they both looked after the kids they had the purest hearts It s an motional read but highly recommend So where do you start to begin to review this book Raw tragic immensely sad and draining but also beautiful so very well written and sensitively dealt with for a subject that is so tabooLochan and Maya are the ContamiNation eldest of the children in a family neglected by their drunken slob of a mother who no longer cares about themnough to Taxi ins Glück even come home and see them any to take care of them and love them like a mother should Their father left when they were younger to start a new life with someone he met and hasn t been in their lives for years Lochan and Maya have had to take on the parental responsibilities of their sister and brother s Kit Tiffen and 5 year old Willa They do all the cooking cleaning taking the children to school and also try to manage on very little money their mother throws their way when she can be bothered and in doing all this they too have to go to school and keep up with their homework The pressure is immense added to the fact that Lochan at only 17 has a crippling social debility in connecting to people and conversing with anyone outside of his family My heart ached for these two young people that at an age so young they have been placed in a situation that gave them no choice but to carry on this awful way of life and it really upset me reading about the daily struggles they both had to contended withWith them growing up so closely and taking on these responsibilities they have become the parents and grownxtremely close Lochan is Maya s best friend in the whole world and they love ach other dearly They are much than just brother and sister and when one day they kiss things scalate from thereTo be honest It didn t shock me I think I was concerned with the way they were living than with an incestuous relationship developing I actually could grasp the reasons why it all made sense when you get into the story but the outcome of course is so differentThe characters are so well developed and I gravitated towards them so Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas easily I didn t want the book tond and I was holding my breathe through some of the later chapters as you know full well that them The Magic Rolling Pin ending up happilyver after is a rare occurrence given the situation and nothing could have really prepared me for the Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, ending of this book I didn t cry like some people have said they did to be honest I think I was too stunned to cry and just sad really sad that this whole situation fell upon shoulders so youngA reallymotional raw book that I think should be read because maybe just maybe this is not so unusual as we all think in this world we live in and who are we to judge anyway It certainly had me thinking and I commend the author for her work A must read Initial Thoughts This book almost destroyed me HeartbreakingFull ReviewForbidden was very thought provoking and I found myself at times both disgusted and sympathetic in Not Without a Fight eual measure Having reflected on it for a few days it is hard to look at the love between Lochan and Maya as wrongven if that is how society categorizes itTheir family situation is completely dysfunctional They were uasi parents to their younger siblings and they never really had a Epped in for their alcoholic wayward mother to take care of their three younger siblings As de facto parents to the little ones Lochan and Maya have had to grow up fast And the stress of their livesand the way they understand ach other so completelyhas also brought them closer than two siblings would ordinarily be So close in fact that th.

Raditional brother and sister relationship I couldn t help wondering if they d had a normal upbringing would they have fallen in love or were they always destined for one another irrespective of their nvironment and their circumstances It s an interesting uestion and one that s had me thinking about this book several days after I finished itModern society has a genuine reason for saying no to incest proven birth defects in any children born of incestuous relationships And I get that but my mind was contemplating all kinds of scenarios whereby it could be permitted what if it was allowed and both parties agreed to sterilization then the risk is The Unseen Wonder eliminated Of course that wouldn t solve the stigma or the myriad of other issues and I m not sayingvery government should rush out and change their laws because it s a hugely sensitive complex issue but I would genuinely feel for any couple like Lochie and Maya and believe it s wrong that society says they can t be togetherCharacterization was superb in this book with The Management Bible emotional depth and plenty of substance I felt both of their pain as they struggled with their feelings for one another as they tried valiantly to fight their attraction and burning need for one another The irony is that the family unit was actually stronger when they were together it made senseTheir parents should be strung up for their neglect and I wanted to hurl my Kindle a few times such was my loathing for both mum and dadI knew this wasn t going tond well but that finale still KILLED me I was sobbing my heart out for ages and I felt an actual pain in my heart It was horrific but compellingI applaud the author for her ability to tackle such a complex subject with sensitivity and grit It was never glorified or ridiculedThe writing was breathtaking if a little over descriptive at times I did skim a bitIn summary this book had a deep impact on me and I love books that challenge my thinking and challenge social norms This one will definitely stay with me for a long time WARNING MY REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS I simply could not write it without themOf course I read all the warnings and had a vague idea of the taboo aspect of the relationship that I was going to read about I thought I certainly could handle this after all I distinctly remember my time with the V C Andrews series beginning with Flowers in the Attic I remember reading Flowers in the Attic cover to cover on a military chartered civilian flight from Frankfort Germany to Philadelphia PA feeling numb from Zu schnell escaping an abusive first marriage The Flowers in the Attic story reads like a horror story that has a remote chance of happeningstill valu First off I read a lot of books based on their reviews but there are some stories that receivendless praise that I have had to force myself to finish because I lost interest within the first 5 chapters Then there are the stories I randomly stumble upon and will stay up all night on a work night to finish because putting the book down is physically painful Forbidden definitely falls under the latter category for me Although I read a lot of book reviews I have never felt a need or desire to leave a review myself until this particular book From what I gathered before actually. Ey have fallen in love Their clandestine romance uickly blooms into deep desperate love They know their relationship is wrong and cannot possibly continue And yet they cannot stop what feels so incredibly right As the novel careens toward an Sleepless (Bird of Stone, explosive and shocking finale only one thing is certain A love this devastating has no happynding.

I have never reviewed anything on before But I have this strong compulsion to write some kind of profound and detailed review of this book like others have somehow managedBut I am mentally and motionally drained I feel totally destroyed and like I am clinging on by my fingertips much like Lochan did throughout 95% of this storyI just I can t I want to put into words how this made me feel but I just don t have the means to portray it in the louent and clear way that this book deservesI giggled I was on the dge of my seat I was angry I was hopeful I was disgusted I was confused I was utterly heartbroken I felt very Invisible (The Curse of Avalon emotion possible during the few hours it took me to read it I couldn t put it downTabitha Suzuma is one hell of a courageous author for tackling a subject that is so taboo I actually feel a sting of shame to admit to anyone that I just read a book about incest Not only is she courageous she is incredibly talentedI have read a huge number of controversial andmotionally taxing books but none of them not a single one comes close to thisI feel like a part of me is missing Tabitha and her characters reached into my soul and ripped a part of it away That is the mark of an Yummy Supper exceptional author with a story to tell that hits like a damn freight trainThere is such amazing character development You feel strong affection for these children and I don tven like kids much along with such a seething hatred towards their mother Then there is the weird complex desire to see Maya and Lochan truly happy in their mixed up tragic situationIt will make you uestion the right we have to punish and ostracise those who just want to love and be loved no matter the circumstances or in this case DNA The characters say it themselves we aren t hurting anyone The moral and legal debate this throws up is very interestingI am no wimp I am attracted to xtremely dark topics in both literature and films but I have to admit this will stay with me for a very very long timeMy only gripe is the language used as dialogue for the teenagers Kit s dialogue is a little too mature for a 13 year old Also Maya s use of my love and various other words that were beyond her years just didn t strike me as ntirely realistic for a 16 year old girl Even if she is portrayed as as mature for her age Aside from that tiny thing I highly recommend this but only for those than can handle the Deep Listening emotional turmoil It took me three days before I couldven start to write this review and honestly I am still struggling to put my thoughts on paper I don t want to say I thought this novel was amazing or beautiful Although this are the words that first pop into my mind But no honestly I can t say that about this book You probably read the synopsis so you already know it s about incest So saying it was a wonderful story is a bit weird and demeaning But it was a very captivating read And most of all it s a h So I knew this would be an motional one but I didn t realise how much Not the nding I wanted but the Evolution, Me Other Freaks of Nature ending was somewhat needed You could see the turmoil in both Lochan and Maya as their feelings grew to heights they didn t uite understand and oh how wonderful it was to watch them have their personven if it is considered as wron. Perfect for readers who njoyed Flowers in the Attic this is a heartbreaking and shocking novel about siblings Lochan and Maya their tumultuous home life and the clandestine and taboo relationship they form to get through itSeventeen year old Lochan and sixteen year old Maya have always felt like friends than siblings Together they have st.

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Tabitha Suzuma was born in London the eldest of five children She attended a French school in the UK and grew up bilingual However she hated school and would sit at the back of the class and write stories which she got away with because her teachers thought she was taking notes Occasionally when the boredom got too much she would throw her friends shoes out of the window In the term report the teacher commented that she would make progress if she didnt always sit with her feet up on the desk This still remains her favourite writing position which is why she now writes in a reclining chair with a cordless keyboardAged fourteen Tabitha Suzuma left school against her parents wishes She got a job as an assistant dance teacher and also worked at a centre for children with Cerebral Palsy which she loved She continued her education through distance learning and went on to study French Literature at Kings College LondonAfter graduating Tabitha Suzuma taught English as a Foreign Language dabbled in IT and worked as a freelance translator She then trained as a primary school teacher and whilst teaching full time wrote her first novelA NOTE OF MADNESS tells the story of seventeen year old Flynn Laukonen a piano prodigy studying at the Royal College of Music in London who begins to have increasingly extreme mood swings and is diagnosed with bipolar disorder also known as manic depression which goes on not just to threaten his career but also his life The story was inspired by the authors own struggles with the illness as well as by her then teenage brother now training to become a concert pianist at the Royal Academy of MusicIn 2004 Tabitha Suzuma left classroom teaching and began to divide her time between writing and tutoring This gave her time to write her next four novelsFROM WHERE I STAND a psychological thriller about Raven Winter a deeply disturbed teenager in foster care who self harms and harbours a dreadful secretWITHOUT LOOKING BACK about teenage dance sensation Louis Whittaker who suddenly finds himself uprooted from his home along with his brother and sister and whisked abroad on holiday by his mentally unstable father until he sees his face on a missing persons posterA VOICE IN THE DISTANCE a seuel to A NOTE OF MADNESS about Flynn and his continuing struggle to cope with his bipolar disorder without jeopardising his career or losing the girl he lovesFORBIDDEN Maya is pretty and talented sweet sixteen and never been kissed Lochan is seventeen gorgeous and on the brink of a bright future And now they have fallen in loveBut they are brother and sisterPublished in six different languages this is her most controversial and heart breaking novel to dateTabitha Suzuma is currently working on her sixth novel HURT due to be published in the UK in 2013Tabitha Suzumas books have been shortlisted for a number of awards and she has won the Young Minds Award the Stockport Book Award and the Premio Speciale Cariparma for European LiteratureMore about Tabitha Suzuma and excerpts from all her books can be found on her websitewwwtabithasuzumacom