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Ed as a way of coping with grief for the death of her mother her crumbling relationships and her inability to forgive herself for her shortcomings and for the guilt she felt for all that was happening in her ife The description of the walk and the way she was so unprepared for it physically and mentally are incredible It is an amazing story and I enjoyed it as a metaphor for the journey through Carl Hiaasen Collection life and the people you meet along the way who help you to your goals and often appear at just the right time The story hasived with me for uite a while the film which we saw within days of finishing the book was superficial and missed many of the messages although the Silver Tower / Strike Force / Shadow Command landscapes were fantastic and Reese Witherspoon was perfect as Cheryl Strayed The extras on the Blu ray DVD including the feature on Cheryl Strayed herself also helped to appreciate the story Do give this book a chance in yourife I am sure you will be Wild about it too The Kindle version of this book is ruined by the constant presence of Oprah s highlighting and her own personal comments as footnotes These intrusive and Explosive Acts long highlights CANNOT BE REMOVED and DOES NOT OFFER A KINDLE EDITION WITHOUT THEMThis is genuinely the stupidest thing I ve ever come across in publishing I have nothing against Oprah Iike her but I have everything against constant intrusive highlighting in a book I m reading that cannot be removed needs to cut this crap uickly or offer two versions of the Kindle book one with Oprah s Book Club highlighting and one the normal unhighlighted editionI m sure Oprah wouldn t want to feel that she is ruining reader s experiences but she has definitely ruined mine unless a non bookclub Kindle edition is available This book is as much about the author s mother dying and the aftermath and her dysfunctional Shadowbridge (Shadowbridge, life as it is about the hike itself Fine that was all very interesting and well written and I applaud the author for her honesty After her mother died I thought And who sooking after the family s animals Horses and dogs and chickens Pages and pages about her infidelities etc and her regrets and mother dying but nothing about who then went to either re home or Academia de Rowan (A Tapeçaria look after the animalsAt 49% in the book you find out what happened The animals have either died themselves no WONDER and her mother s stunning thoroughbred horse Lady who had saved her mother sife and been her pride and joy ended up shot in a botched agonizing murder by someone her brother while she watched on who had never shot a horse before Needless to say the horse did not die straight away but keeled down on her knees in agony in a slow deathIf the book had dedicated as many pages to the author s regret and disgust at these actions and the part she played and a begging for forgiveness I could have understood maybe But no It seemed that the author didn t agonize over this at all Just mentioned it as if she were blameless As if she were the victim Doing the one thing that would have BROKEN HER MOTHER S HEARTA woman who had enough money to buy heroine but not enough to at east pay for a vet and how about at east TRYING to re home Lady or send her to a refuge Not even mentionedAnd all these readers too who have adored this book did this not bother youHow sad this world we ive in when shooting a horse who has been abandoned and mistreated by self absorbed selfish people seems to go completely unnoticed If it is accepted so readily in this book no wonder there is so much animal abuse out there. Ontents and author are exactly same as Hardcover Edition Fast delivery through DHLFedEx express.

I thoroughly enjoyed Wild Cheryl Strayed s account of her epic hike along a section of the Pacific Crest Trail is both heart wrenching and entertaining She tells her story with exceptional honesty and self deprecating humour I finished the book feeling as if I had made a friend such was the intimacy between author and reader A he I m truly stunned by the number of 5 star reviews this book has received I have enormous respect for Cheryl s imagination where I suspect a ot of the book happened Right from the beginning some of what she describes is simply not feasible She says this was constructed from her journal which she barely mentions writing in despite the excruciating detail she describes everything else Some of her thoughts are about her dead mother and some of this is completely inane grieving about a table I was Queens Gambit (The Tudor Trilogy, left not understanding why she d done it and also why it made such a difference to herife There is El guerrero (La guardia de los Highlanders 1) little true insight here Much too superficially written too many clich d phrases dire sex scenes and two dimensional characters Truly awful book If it hadn t been in my book group I d never have finished it Had potential to be a great story if sheeft out her personality The author has a major victim mentality She creates her own problems and seeks validation in men She has a high regard for herself and does not speak well of other women if they are ever mentioned or just skips over them Yet goes into great detail about men and of course how they are all sexually interested in her It s not a great self discovery story and the movie made the character actually The Camping Cookbook like able because it s Reese Witherspoon You can tell the authorives for her youth not her present or future The author comes off immature entitled and self absorbed This is not a story about a strong female It s mainly about how people men helped her through her bad preparation to hike and camp and how she caves into impulsive destructive behavior because she didn t get her way She doesn t do anything for anyone else except hurt people closest to her then cries victim instead of just being and doing better because she knows she s hurting people but she doesn t overcome it she reflects makes an excuse and moves on that s not self discovery This is a story about a woman reliving her prime years and never growing out of her horrible personality I thought this was going to be a take on Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson How wrong can you be While I enjoyed Bill s book enough to have read it several times this book has depth and intensity per page and Cheryl Strayed s reason for her hike on the PCT is not just because it s there Her compulsion to exorcise her guilt over her mother s death her subseuent moral collapse Absalom, Absalom! leads her to push herself to theimit for than 1000 miles that s some exorcism A brilliant bookunputdownable and eft me with intense admiration for the strength of will that pushed her on day after day Highly recommended I oved this book mainly because having Black Stone lost my mother notong before reading it I could identify with the main character and her apparent irrational behaviour and rejection of common sense For me this was a book about grieving and as such I enjoyed the emotional exploratory passages than I did the travel descriptive the trail other hikers stories etc The book received a very mixed reception at my book club and many different interpretations from mine a book about grieving to others a book about travelling or a book about an Please Read Notes Brand New International Softcover Edition Printed in black and white pages mi.

Nnoying woman who didn t want to take control of her On Liberty life From personal experience control felt overrated after my mother died and this was the aspect that resonated most with me and also surprised me the most in the harsh criticism from others at book club I gave the book four stars as notwithstanding myiking for it I don t I truly did There are few enough narratives of women in the wilderness As a woman who No Way Down loves to backpack usually solo I was thrilled that the narrative of another woman hiker was such a popular read Unfortunately Strayed s bookeft me disappointed Instead of being humbled by the grandeur and challenge of the PCT and Pulled Thread Embroidery learning to become self reliant she seemed mostly annoyed by the trail sack of creature comforts and dependent upon English Humour for Beginners luck and the kindness of strangers to rescue her from her own mistakes Given some of her choices such as detouring onto aittle used jeep road in the desert with no idea how Absolutely on Music long it was or where there might be water she sucky to be alive But she seems unaware of just how The Ransom of Mercy Carter lucky she was even though she s had 20 years since her hike to reflect on things And she seems obliviously entitled to the help strangers offer in those instances where others don t go out of their way to help her such as not being given a free campsite in a private campground she is offended and whiny I found her freuent mentions of the special notice she aroused in other hikers unrealistic I ve never seen hikers awed by a solo woman hiker as Strayed claims they were by her and I suspect these to be flawed memories if not outright fiction There was alsoittle evidence of growth in her journey she is exactly the same person at the end of the book that she was in the beginning intent on rationalizing her cheating her drug use and hyper focused on basking in male attention real or imagined The constant theme throughout the book is that Strayed is extraordinarily special special in undertaking this hike special in her pain and grief special in being so beautiful that just about ever man she encounters is attracted to her In the end Strayed is so focused on reaffirming her own specialness that she misses the point of why the wilderness heals We are not comforted because it makes us feel special we are comforted because it makes us feel small in the best way reminding us that we are part of something Gone for Good larger than ourselves Itooks Lallieva (Alice Allevi, like two clear camps for those who journey through this book a bitike Marmite people either ove it or they struggle with it Well its a big YES from me I ove Wild It has been my favourite book this year and I thought I had read uite a few books already that would not be beaten I British Society Since 1945 loved the uality of the writing the honest approach and the unfolding of what for most people would have been a nightmare of a 1100 mile walk along most of the Pacific Crest Trial PCT at a nightmare point inifeThis is not a journey undertaken by a walking fanatic or expert in fact the author had never done a walk ike this before It was undertaken by the narrator Cheryl Strayed as a way of trying to stop her ife unravelling after the death of her mother from cancer the remains of her family falling apart despite her best efforts and her marriage that should have been a success failing because of her promiscuity and her falling into heavy drug taking The solution taken without too much thought was to walk the challenging ong distance American Pacific Crest TrailThe theme of the book is how the journey act. Nor self wear on the cover or pages Sale restriction may be printed on the book but Book name

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Cheryl Strayed is the author of the #1 New York Times bestselling memoir WILD the bestselling advice essay collection TINY BEAUTIFUL THINGS the novel TORCH and the uotes collection BRAVE ENOUGH Her books have been translated into forty languages around the world WILD was chosen by Oprah Winfrey as her first selection for Oprahs Book Club 20 The Oscar nominated movie adaptation of WILD stars Reese Witherspoon as Cheryl and Laura Dern as Cheryls mother Bobbi The film was directed by Jean Marc Vallée with a screenplay by Nick Hornby Strayeds essays have been published in The Best American Essays the New York Times the Washington Post Magazine Vogue Salon The Sun Tin House and elsewhere Strayed is the co host along with Steve Almond of the WBUR podcast Dear Sugar Radio which originated with her popular Dear Sugar advice column on The Rumpus Strayed holds an MFA in fiction writing from Syracuse University and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota She lives in Portland Oregon