Ramon Nastase: Computer Networking: An Introductory Guide for Complete Beginners (Computer Networking Series)

His basic information handy in one book Instead unfortunately I received a book that has incredibly poor grammar mediocre xplanations and Lawman Lover (Outlaws, examples numerous typos typos are all over the place and figures ofxtremely poor visual uality You will find better information for free on the internet or at your local library Do not waste your money on this book I think this book is a great way for learningabout computer science tech supportI think this book is a great way to learning love free books Bad and short book don t waste your money. Nfigure Computer Networks in Packet TracerMany people don't know Computer Networking is asy and they could do it on their own Buythis book NOW and configure your network at home or at the office without anyone's help Tags Computer Networking Networking Computer Networking for Beginners Computer Networks Cisco Networking OSI Model Computer Networks Introduction to Computer Networking.

Covers all the bases of basic information needed to understand the components of internet connectivity Short and sweet and understandableRecommend Good Easy reading but there was no solution for LAB 1 on the final chapter which I didn t manage to complete This book was too basic for what I was hoping to learn and complete with my home computer I wanted to create a network with our new printer but it did not provide this information I will keep book and give it to someone who may really need it Not worth the cost or hassle to send ba. Computer Networking for beginnersIf you are new to Computer Networking and you don't yet know how a Router or an IPaddress work this is definitely the book for you Routers Switches IP addresses MACaddresses and others will be terms you will know verything about just by reading thisintroductory courseYou won't have to be a master at networking to understand what's xplained in this

Ck did not need Trying to refresh my self on the introduction And this book helped methis is really a beginners guide to computer networking I am an ngineer that works with computer and data systems on a daily basis I purchased this book in the hopes of increasing my knowledge on computer networking in general and getting some specifics about the different hardware involved ie routers servers Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files etc understand the terminology a bit better and to get into some of the logic thatnables networking It would have been nice to have all of Ook Anybeginner will be able to configure a network and make any device connect to the Internet afterreading what's in the 5chapters of this publication After you'll be done reading you'll knowHow the Internet worksWhat Routers Switches and other devices doEverything about IPv4 and Ipv6What IP and MAC addresses areHow you can do verything that you will learn here in WindowsHow to co.

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