By UNKNOWN: La Daronne (Points policiers)

Livre Lire La Daronne (Points policiers) Auteur Par UNKNOWN – chernov–

On coincidences and glosses over plot flaws this is also a psychological study of a somewhat cold calculating woman lacking in empathy who on her own admission has no friends only acuaintances since she makes no effort to hide her impatience with people she finds slow or boring Apparently only capable of feeling love for her dead husband or dumb animals the first luxury she buys with her illgotten games is an expensive collar for DNA she is secretly repelled by Philippe s lovemaking and displays a troubling lack of compassion for her mother Has her personality been moulded by an amoral emotionally deprived pbringing with her criminal wheeler dealer Tunisian father and Jewish mother traumatised by time spent in a concentration camp Apart from holidays in luxury hotels abroad Patience grew p on a property next to a motorway where nwelcome intruders were shot down by her father to be buried in a corner plot where the grass grew abnormally green fed by a phosphate filled soil a typical macabre allusionPatience s cynicism can be amusing as when she cites Philippe s great fault he believes in God If he d told me he believed in a human destiny governed by a plate of celestial noodles I couldn t have found it ridiculous She is acutely aware of the irony of situation criminalisation of cannabis stimulates the web of drug taking which drowns France on one hand and costly legal action on the other as the police and lawyers pursue the dealers who are selling drugs for inflated prices to their chi.

Fast moving tale of how circumstances determine one s actions and how chance sometimes leads to riches I m learning French and am looking for reasonably accessible and relatively short books to read I enjoyed reading about Patience and the way she makes se of circumstance to break into the drug trade for all the best reasons I will definitely read it again when my french improves to see how much I missed by which time maybe it will be 5 stars Widowed young now in her fifties the misnamed narrator Patience finds that her work as an Arab interpretertranslator for the Paris judiciary does not pay enough to cover the care home costs for her demanding aged mother Listening to the recorded conversations of suspected Arab drug dealers nder police surveillance her imagination is caught by a close knit Moroccan family who have switched from legal farming to growing high grade khardala or hashish and when she knows that a stash of this has been hidden to evade near Paris to evade a police search temptation proves too greatCan she find the precise location of the drug aided by DNA ADN in the original French a retired police sniffer dog she has saved from the standard fate of euthanasia when no longer seful Will she succeed in selling the drug on and laundering the proceeds without being either detected by the police including the senior office Philippe who happens to be her lover or exposing herself to the vengeance of thwarted dealersApart from being a crime thriller which depends too heavily.

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Ldren Still at least it creates employmentThe pace seems ite neven with abrupt digressions into Patience s past life interrupting the narrative flow Tedious detail at some points contrasts with overly rapid treatment of the occasional highly dramatic incidents at others Most of the characters seem too highly exaggerated to be either convincing or engaging The result is a patchy black farce which sits oddly with potentially moving explorations of human nature La Daronne meaning mother or boss lady in French was presumably translated as The Godmother in the mafia sense of the word Seemingly written with a film in mind it has been dramatised with the title Mama Weed and Isabelle Huppert in the lead Is this the kind of book which works better in the visual images of a film perhaps losing some complexity in the process Read it in French if you can It the story of a court interpreter specialized in drug trafficking cases As she desperately needs money she hits on the perfect scheme The story is told often hilariously in a stream of consciousness style You can t resist the hero who commits illegal acts for a good cause Full of surprises The protagonistnarrator is an nusual woman working to translate Arabic into French for the drug suad but also having her own personal agenda The plot is The Penguin Atlas of Endangered Species unpredictable which is great This is a great story and a fun way to practice reading French I did need to lookp a lot of vocabulary because much of it is collouial or idiomatic This is a good thing I thin.