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M its original Greek over the years I was a teenager when I first read Fagle s classic translation often considered the modern standard for the tale It is ard not to get swept away by the grandeur and the scale of it the tragedy of men and godsWrath sing goddess of the ruinous wrath of Peleus son AchillesSo begins the poem as translated and retold by Caroline Alexander Here after millennia Alexander is not choosing to reinvent the wheel but refine it and she does so remarkably She seems to Never an outbreak have found a way to streamline the rhythm of the poem shaping and refining its cadence Modern readers are wont to remember The Iliad was originally intended to be an oral story spoken aloud and I implore readers to try it as they make their way through It s truly remarkable the way it almost seems to flow and carry itself forward Inflection and emotion come alive in that way and for a moment one could easily find themselves swept away by the tale of gods anderoes I Without doubt this is the finest translation of the Iliad that I Pride have ever read Latti Fagles and othersave done fine work but Caroline Alexander translation brings this epic to life Her language is spare but beautiful Read Men her translation and you will understand why it is that the Iliad is the ultimate war storyMy sincereope is that Ms Alexander will soon translate the Odyssey as well April and May 2020 I read the book and listened to the audible narration at the same time It was a great experience because it Isotopic Carbon helped me get into the story and allowed me to experience it fully I was immersed in the Trojan war into the story and went to ancient Greece If I could only keep a few books with me this would be one of them such as if Iad to leave ASAP and could only take a few things with me or if I was stuck on a desert island The Iliad is a great story about being The Robotics Primer (Intelligent Robotics Autonomous Agents) (Intelligent Robotics Autonomous Agents) (Intelligent Robotics Autonomous Agents Series) human war pride powerow leaders treat others accepting one s fate responding to events out of your control grief fear joining a fight and wondering what you are fighting for courage and death This is an enjoyable transition Step Out of Your Story however I found the Robert Fagels translation to be even poetic One of the rare times that the phrase I could not put the book down is appropriate In the past Iave also read the Chapman and Pope translations This is an excellent translation the language is strong and forthright and maintains a fine momentum carrying the reader alongMy benchmark for Homer is the Fagles translation but this runs it closeAll in all a gripping read well worth five stars This book was definitely not what I was expecting I was expecting a glorification of war in an epic poem The Eyes of the Dead however this book is very much not a glorification of war but rather shows it to be pointless and cause immense amounts of suffering for both sides with neither side being seen as worthy The events of the book are told in prophesy before theyappen but that doesn t make ow the events unfurl any less interesting The verse makes the story flow although occasionally there are some bizarre sentences There s definitely a reason this story as lasted this long it truly is an epic poem. Y Homer this ancient tale of a particular Bronze Age conflict becomes a sublime and sweeping evocation of the destruction of war throughout the ages Carved close to the original Greek acclaimed classicist Caroline Alexander's new translation is swift and lean with the driving cadence of its source a translation epic in scale yet devastating in its precision and pow.

Of the four translations I Calebs Tempting Mate (Saber Chronicles have used this is my favorite Iave been reading this thing for over 50 years now and I must say that I get pleasure out of reading this one that all of the othersRecommend this one ighly Let me preface this by saying that I read it casually not for a class or academic research or anything And I don t ave a whole lot of background on the classics My background is mostly just what one picks up from Odd Man In having an interest in fantasy mythology and operaThings relating specifically to the kindle edition probably Some random lines were repeated twice The formatting on themad some weirdness to it so I m pretty confident it wasn t deliberate It doesn t appen often enough to get really annoying though and I ve definitely seen worse in kindle editions of classic literatureAlso while the notes section at the end as links to the passages each note is about there s no indication in the text when there s a note about a passage no link no number no asterisk nothing The notes aren t vital for understanding the story but they do Parking Lot Rules 75 Other Ideas for Raising Amazing Children have information I wouldave liked to Carlyle Marney have known as I was reading for example what is meant by singleoofed Shameful horsesThings relating to the translation My boyfriend said thatis favorite thing about the Iliad is that most editions start with the word rage Well this edition starts with the word wrath Is that a thing people often care about I don t knowIt sometimes gets ard to keep track of which character is saying or doing what Part of that may ave just been an issue with the kindle pages not Sacred Landscapes having very many lines on them at a time or with me being inattentiveFor some characters they d be referred to as their name but also as the Son of father s name or Slayer of name of someone they killed earlier There are tons of names in this book Lots of characters appear on the battlefield get a few lines of backstory and then get killed So I think it wouldave been nice if some of those Son of names and Slayer of names ad ad a note with the character s actual name just to clarify But maybe that s me asking the translator to do my Gold Rush homework for meThings relating to the story for casual readers I went into this knowing that it was about the Trojan war I expected the battle scenes to be from a general perspective sort of like the battle scenes of Lord of the Rings where they describe the armies as a unit and only sometimes follow what individual characters are doing In the Iliad there is very little in terms of general tactics almost all of the battle scenes are just describing the activities of individual characters blow by blow fightingow people are getting killed or injured that sort of thing I guess I can see Girl Reporter how the generalized view of battles might be a relatively modern stylistic choice I justadn t thought of that before Anyway if you re sueamish about reading all these creative ways people get killed you might want to skip this oneOh and a random side note I read this right after reading the book The First Fossil Hunters by Adrienne Mayor Apparently the Greeks would find fossilized mammoth skeletons and think that they we. With er virtuoso translation classicist and best selling author Caroline Alexander brings to life Homer's timeless epic of the Trojan War Composed around 730 BC Homer's Iliad recounts the events of a few momentous weeks in the protracted 10 year war between the invading Achaeans or Greeks and the Trojans in their besieged city of Ilion From the explosive confronta.

Re the bones of eroes Greece is pretty geologically active so the skulls would be smashed or missing and most of the bones would be jumbled enough to make it not so obvious they came from an elephant type thing Anyway when the characters are described as being larger than modern men this Gingerbread Heart happens several times what the poetad in mind was a person whose skeleton is as large as a mammoth skeleton arranged to be bipedal I enjoyed knowing that random bit of background information so I figured you might enjoy it too The translation starts with Wrath sing goddess of the ruinous wrath of Peleus s son Achilles that inflicted woes without number upon the Achaeans urled forth to Hades many strong souls of warriors and rendered their bodies prey for the dogs for all birds and the will o This story is a wearisome one But I m not saying that it s dull or uninteresting on the contrary it s remarkableIt s wearisome because this ancient tale achieves what it sets out to do it exposes the ridiculously futile indiscriminate nature of violence There s no glorification or romantic connotation of war ere The blood stained dust the bowel spilling lust and rage amplified by ridiculous notions of Biz Talk-2 humanonour and incited by the fickle tempers of the Greek Pantheon s perverse whims all prove to use the translator s words that above all war blights every life it touches With regards to the translation I ve never read this in the original Greek and so I m not going to pretend to know if it s accurate or not What I would say is that Caroline Alexander Ricky Ricottas Mighty Robot vs the Stupid Stinkbugs from Saturn (Ricky Ricotta, has done a phenomenal job of presenting this ancient story into modern English and I founder introduction to the text to be insightful and illuminatingOverall fantastic Tristan Sherwin author of Love Expressed The story itself is the very definition of an epic Gods A Historical Atlas of Tibet heroes villains victimshumans That s the one thing I really take for reading the Iliad The main characters are so flawed anduman I wasn t expecting that And it s funny Kind of a sarky wit which I really liked It s a little bit violent well it s about a war so not really a shock on that count But above all it is beautiful in its exploration of the tragedies of The Last Awakening (Curse of the Phoenix, human existence It begs the uestion as to the value of a life is living important thanonour than loyalty What is fate And do we accept it without a second thought to the other possibilities of the futureThis is definitely a book I would recommend to everyone to read It s not perfect at times it s rather repetitive and it does suffer from momentary dullness But then there are these sparks of life in the pages These jewels of wit and of natural storytelling And it s soooo worth it Read the description wrong thought it would be the latin with an english translation but i didn t mind purely because the book cover illustration is so gorgeous One of the most ancient stories in the world The Iliad as recounted by Homer is an epic in the truest sense of the word It is a story that Italian Warships Of World War II has been told and retold for thousands of years Dozens possiblyundreds Deep Learning (Adaptive Computation and Machine Learning series) have tried theirand and tested their skill at translating the poem fro. Tion between Achilles the greatest warrior at Troy and Agamemnon the inept leader of the Greeks through to its tragic conclusion The Iliad explores the abiding blighting facts of war Soldier and civilian victor and vanuished ero and coward men women young old The Iliad evokes in poignant searing detail the fate of every life ravaged by the Trojan War And as told

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