Alyson Belle: Fantasy Swap Online: A Gender Swapped LitRPG Adventure (Fantasy Swapped Online Book 1)

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On t really connect with the readerNice cover though There s potential for a very good lewd adventure here but it has some rough edgesFor starter I m not big on this whole gender swap thing Though it is an interesting premise especially in the VR game setting I myself am often making female characters when I play an RPG just because I like the idea of a bad ass girl breaking skulls left and right Of course a game with sexual themes paired with a VR simulation that makes you feel what your character feels puts the whole thing in to an entirely different level And that s why I think the author failed to create a realistic situation from the main character s experience A couple of hours after being put in a woman s body the main character starts thinking about male abs six packs and having sex with men Basica. S up stuck in the avatar of his friend Laceya stupid low level female character that was designed exclusively to get down and dirty with the in game pleasure system Even worse he gets captured by the orcs and thrown into their harem dungeon where he finds hes powerless to resist his captors and has to seduce his way out The developers really modeled female bodies correctly in this game and its humiliating to have to go from being a high level barbarian to a simpering little harem girlWith his guild drawing closer to an epic encounter with the Lich Lord they need all the.

Lly the guy was homosexual from the get go And there s nothing bad with that it just defeats the purpose of having the gender swap thing imhoThe author does a good job integrating the sex in to the game mechanics and making it feel part of the story The plot felt a little rushed though In one moment the main character is captured then she escapes a uick buildup and a final skirmish with the bad guysAnother thing I didn t like was the way everyone was treating the girl I guess that whole humiliation aspect is part of the gender swap ink but come on Oh I bet you ll find a moron or two out there who would look down on women in such a pathetic way but surely not every damn player and scripted NPC in the gameAll in all a cool little adventure with a couple of sex scenes on the level of a generic romantic novel. High level players they can get Will Krom figure out a way to get himself out of this useless body and get back in time to help his friends or will he be stuck forever working on his back in the slums of Lorengarde The only way out of this mess might be to give in to his situation and embrace his new body in order to outmaneuver his foes Who nows He might even end up enjoying himselfWith 150 pages of humorous gender swapped fantasy action and some VERY steamy scenes this book is intended for mature audiences who enjoy FF and MF encounters with lots of gender bending fun.

Less erotica than a or less conventional fantasy story with a few steamy bits Competently written overall with good pacing and simple but generally likeable characters Works well if you re looking for some light reading to pass an hour or twoThe author does seem to continually emphasize how weak the protagonist is now that he s swapped bodies Admittedly that s pretty much par for the course in the TG genre but I did find it to be a little off putting nonetheless Good story if you like mmorpg video games smashed with erotic novel and gender swap Only could have been longer Also could have used a Grammer and spell check 25 starsMuch shorter and less erotic than I hoped Boy trapped as girl character that likes being pounded and gets experience for sex It s not precisely bad but the plot characters and sex In the player versus player MMORPG Fantasy Realms Online people live out the fantasies they cant in real life no matter how bloody or sexy they might be and Kromgorn the Barbarian is no exception He and his guildies make constant warfare against their rivals in the Secret Order a guild led by the dark Lich Lord whos also rud to be a crazy hacker in real life and they make fun of players who just use the game for stupid things like getting laidBut when the Lich Lord releases a powerful spell that traps most of the players in the game permanently Kromgorn accidentally wind.

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