Nathan Nyquist: Mastering Multi-Band Compression: 17 step by step multiband compression techniques for getting flawless mixes (The Audio Engineers Framework Book 4)

N Nyuist s books too They are all very helpful First half of the book is frustrating It sort of dangles a carrot in front of you Author explains topic in a couple of paragraphs but drags the content matter 50 some pages There is a list of settings in the last half of the book that could be helpful It s sort of a eneric list of presets for certain instruments not applicable to all MB compressors either Not Michaels Discovery (The Devaneys great Not necessary to buy 100 pages of explaining the definition of multi band compression. Apter focuses on a core concept essential to your mastery of multi band compression This makes learning easy2 The chapters build off each other so that when you reach the step by step techniues portion of the book youll have a strong foundation for real learning3 In the final part of the book the techniues section willive you step by step instructions to try out in the studio This is where youll connect the dots and et some real Aha moments Its the most effective way to learn as proven study after studyIt is true that many of the best mixes out there use MBC and so its important for us to master Imagine how much frustration and headache will disappear when youve mastered MBC How amazing will your mixes sound with this powerful tool finally in your control Mastering Multi Band Compression is for you if youre tired of the trial and error process and just want some simple step by step tricks and solutions to problems every engineer runs intoAdd Mastering Multi Band Compression to Your Cart Now and Start Creating Powerful Radio ready Mixes Toda.

Do if I knew exactly how to use one This book is actually iving you a bunch of new pluginsDid you ever buy a master finishing touch type plugin A tone shaper A transient shaper A vocals multi effect plugin because of the way it shapes vocals Drums multi effect plugin because of the way it shapes drums A De Esser Nasality reductor Woofiness reductor Did you buy the multi award winner TrackSpacer pluginOh dear all you needed was this book and 1 Multi Band CompressorGo on and buy all the other Natha. Nuals and learn how pros ACTUALLY use multiband compressors HINT It has very little do with the theory Driving a car is very different from knowing how its put together Most audio engineering books waste time telling you how the car is put together instead of how to drive itHeres What Youll Learn Inside Learn how to use MBC as a de esser transient shaper tone shaper vocal shaper woofiness reducer and for mastering Learn the only 2 ways we need to use multiband compression to achieve vibrant professional mixes Learn 4 Zone Mix Theory where we divide a mix into 4 major freuency zones From here we can identify which freuency ranges to treat with MBC Learn how a multiband compressor and an E are practically the same thing with just one major difference Learn the pitfalls of perfectionism and the way its preventing you from becoming a better mixer Learn 17 step by step techniues for etting punchy clear and powerful mixes with MBC Learn what types of instrumentssounds wont benefit from multiband compressionThis Book Is Organized as Follows1 Each ch.

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Fantastic really helpful Author writes with a Innocent Sins (Harlequin Presents, great conversational style Explains the concepts clearly I definitely recommend this book How much is this book when you are reading this review By the time I wrote it it was 303You can t imagine how much worthier than that it isAfter reading this assuming you have a multi band compressor you llet about 17 presets you ll configure them that can do crazy stuff I spent a lot of money buying plugins to do the tasks that a multi band compressor could. Learn The Simple Step by Step Way to Use Multiband Compression Just Like a ProLet me ask you this Do you find yourself Only a Whisper getting frustrated trying toet MBC multiband compression to Copper Lake Secrets give your mixes that professional sound youre after Do you find yourself unsure of which problems MBC is actually designed to fix Do you ever wonder why you cantet that professional radio worthy sound you keep hearing from your favorite artists Have you Brooklyn's Song gotten lost or confused tweaking compression parameters only to end up with a something worse than when you started Do you find it difficult to identify which freuency ranges are best to multiband compress for a flawless result Do you avoid using MBC because it feels overwhelmingIf you answered yes to any of these uestions then this book will help youIf you want toet professional radio worthy mixes and you know multiband compression is essential for this then pickup your copy of Mastering Multi Band Compression nowBy purchasing this book youll avoid the overwhelming technical details of other audio engineering ma.

Ive been a produceraudio engineer for 8 years Like many others I began with no formal training or experience I remember being overwhelmed by the number of things I thought I had to learn There’s just too much unnecessary theory and technicality occupying this field of education Many producersengineers fall into the trap of thinking they need to learn it allIn many fields a steep learning curve doesn’t always mean there has to be intense difficulty in learning that field instead it’s often an indication that the education materials of that field have not evolved beyond the point of complex mapsmodels of how to do somethingBut unfortunately complexity is a limitation not a strength I know this because I used to look at audio engineeringproduction in a very complex way and it felt powerful However it was extremely time consuming and I couldn’t teach my methods to anyone who wasn’t already an expert But creating art isn’t about what’s right it’s about what works and importantly what works easily with minimal effort The true indication of creativity is being able to take the complexities of productionengineering and simplify them This way anyone could learn a skill and apply it in a few simple movesMy goal is to help students avoid the steep learning curve of music productionengineering I go deep but I only provide what’s essential so that anyone could jump into their DAW and take heir mixes to the next level