Chris Durbin: The Leeward Islands Squadron: A Carlisle and Holbrooke Naval Adventure (Carlisle and Holbrooke Naval Adventures Book 2)

Hosen ccupation as author I do not feel my views are verboard instead I am confident that they are shared by ther readers You continued to fulfil your promise throughout this super novel and I wait your next book with much keen anticipation Again Durbin has done a good job f crafting a adventurous story The problem as I see it is that the characters are nly tools to be brought in as needed to advance the plot and then set aside when no longer reuired They have no lives no interests beyond the narrow confine Death by Inferior Design of their naval careers Durbin writes very w I gave the first novel 4 stars because I was not totally convincedf the strength f writing Now I am so convinced and thus the highest rating It will be interesting to read how the next 20 years to 1776 will expand Carlisle and Holbrook s careers He is f course a Virginian by birth alongside my paternal and maternal ancestors but will have been a King s Hitler's Northern War: The Luftwaffe's Ill-Fated Campaign, 1940-1945 officer during this time Fair winds and calm seas Mr Durbin until we meet again The second novel is just as good as the first if not a little better due to the author s skill at portraying the main characters ability to fight a ship I can not express how much I am looking forward to reading the third novelf this series Well doneAurora Wolf a Literary Journal f Science Fiction and Fantasy Posted to the Caribbean Carlisle is attached to the suadron f the ailing Commodore tasked with harrying the FrenchWith the memory f the Minorca farce fresh in his mind he gets a dose f deja vu as the Commodore makes poor decisions ignoring sound advice and then abandons the target after taking minor damageShortly after the Commodore collapses and Carlisle takes command putting the 1st lieutenant s nose ut f joint convinced by his prior actions that he was unsuited to the task an enemy is madeAgain the author s intimate knowledge The Potato Hack: Weight Loss Simplified of sailing comes into play as he details the dispositionf ships and forts how the wind will affect the battle leaving White House Years (Henry Kissingers Memoirs one with a perfect pi. A powerful French manf war Their new frigate Medina has rders to join a suadron commanded by a terminally ill commodore Their mission a near suicidal assault n a strong Caribbean island fortress Carlisle must confront the challenges f higher command as he leads the suadron back into battle to accomplish the Admiraltys rdersJoin Carlisle and Holbrooke as they attack

The second story in the series which sets the background for the rest In a World Created by a Drunken God of the series The series bring Shelly Foote s article in Naval History that history should be written telling a good story Like Foots Civil War series there are maps appropriate for the text Anyone taking a course covering naval historyr the French and Indian War would find the series a useful and enjoyable supplement I found myself almost cheering for the extraordinary yet very human characters at many points Other times It was tension and waiting in suspense for the Indo No Kao outcomef a bold and unexpected move Very detailed and immersive I think that what I love most about these books is the day in the life view that the author paints brilliantly I read the first book in under a week When I wasn t working I couldn t put it down Bought the second Read that in about 3 days I was ff ver the weekend Now if you will excuse me I must get the next ne Yeah I wish I d bought the setNow I know Although not too excited by the premise I decided to give this series a try and was not disappointed Historically accurate great character development and a smooth flowing narrative each book in the series has been a pleasure to read Highly recommended The Leeward Islands 050718 At 4% I am already pleased with my purchase not simply because f the action already illustrated but the interaction between the characters A good start and already an enjoyable read The frustration Sinai and Zion of duty calling at such an exciting moment 11% and needing to put the book down cannot be adeuately described What a brilliant picture 22% and so much action beautiful piecef writing Gosh 30% Sorry about the ld fashioned gesticulation but I was really wanting to say how enjoyable this book really is particularly to an ex sea goer including tall ships Mr Durban get cracking we need another book in this series it is super and your story is full f interest and intrigue I say that at 40% with the utmost confidence you Sir are a master at your In late 1756 as the British government collapses in the aftermath f the loss f Minorca and the country and navy are thrown into political chaos a small force f ships is sent to the West Indies to reinforce the Leeward Islands SuadronCaptain Edward Carlisle a native f Virginia and his first lieutenant George Holbrooke are fresh from the Mediterranean and their capture f.

Cture in the mind s eye f the events as they unfoldThe characters introduced in book 1 are rounded ut we see f their inner selves and watch friendships rivalries and aspirations develop a cracking read It s unlike me to complete a book in two days but this story was a compelling page turner Preceeding the era covered by Patrick O Brian s series Chris Durbin s books provide a view f perations when the Royal Navy was thinly scattered to counteract the influence Annual Report of the Officers of the Town of Holderness, N. H: Year Ending January 31, 1937 (Classic Reprint) of the French He writes about what seems to be a Past Lifef mine and makes me feel like I am there Gardening with Shape, Line and Texture: A Plant Design Sourcebook on the deck at the mast head sailing the captured sloop after the battle was wonThe action was not unlike partf my earlier present life when I was a US Marine GunBrid pilot when I was in Vietnam in 1966 67That life is now being recreated in Britain by the Bird 18 group in the Rolling Thunder section f War And Peace Show Learn about them n their Facebook page at BIRD 18 Marine Aircraft Group 36 UKJohn Boden Klondike Playboy As an Livin' de Life old long time sailor who has sailed the entire Windward Leeward chain from St Thomas to TrinidadTobago I felt very comfortable with the story And as a minor history buff I enjoy story telling that is even uasi historical I know this is a period and subject which has been done to death by authors from the good and greats to the far less literary giftedChris Durbin is in the former categoryHe has composed a good tale well written with good character definition importantly nonef whom are the superhero type which spoils so many The Amazing Dreams of Andrew Latter of this typef genre and the story moves along at the correct pace to be easily followed but without creating any impatience to skip pagesNice start Mr Durbin I look forward to a long series Culture is the Body: The Theatre Writings of Tadashi Suzuki of exploits followingur leading men I think I said it before when reviewing the first book in the series but I m happy to say it again It s a demanding position to hold but I think Chris Durbin is doing it and is debatably the natural successor to Patrick O Brie. Hore fortifications engage in ship Cognitive Science: An Introduction to the Study of Mind on ship duels and deal with mutiny in the West IndiesThe Leeward Islands Suadron follows The Colonial Post Captain as the secondf the Carlisle and Holbrooke novels The series will record the exploits The Legend of Joaquin Murrieta of the two men through the Seven Years War and into the periodf turbulent relations between Britain and her American colonies in the 1760.

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Chris Durbin grew up in the seaside town of Porthcawl in South Wales His first experience of sailing was as a sea cadet in the treacherous tideway of the Bristol Channel and at the age of sixteen he spent a week in a tops’l schooner in the Southwest Approaches He was a crew member on the Porthcawl lifeboat before joining the navyChris spent twenty four years as a warfare officer in the Royal Navy serving in all classes of ship from aircraft carriers through destroyers and frigates to the smallest minesweepers He took part in operational campaigns in the Falkland Islands the Middle East and the Adriatic and he spent two years teaching tactics at a US Navy training centre in San DiegoOn his retirement from the Royal Navy Chris joined a large American company and spent eighteen years in the aerospace defence and security industry including two years on the design team for the ueen Elizabeth class aircraft carriersChris is a graduate of the Britannia Royal Naval College at Dartmouth the British Army Command and Staff College the United States Navy War College where he gained a postgraduate diploma in national security decision making and Cambridge University where he was awarded an MPhil in International RelationsWith a lifelong interest in naval history and a long standing ambition to write historical fiction Chris has embarked upon creating the Carlisle amp; Holbrooke series in which a colonial Virginian commands a British navy frigate during the middle years of the eighteenth centuryThe series will follow its principal characters through the Seven Years War and into the period of turbulent relations between Britain and her American Colonies in the 1760s They’ll negotiate some thought provoking loyalty issues when British policy and colonial restlessness lead inexorably to the American RevolutionChris lives on the south coast of England surrounded by hundreds of years of naval history His three children are all busy growing their own families and careers while Chris and his wife US Navy retired of thirty seven years enjoy sailing their classic dayboatFun FactChris shares his garden with a tortoise named Aubrey If you’ve read Patrick OBrians HMS Surprise or have seen the 2003 film Master and Commander The Far Side of the World youll recognise the modest act of homage that Chris has paid to that great writer Rest assured that Aubrey has not yet grown to the gigantic proportions of Testudo Aubreii