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I have a few years of using Blender and use both 279 280 At 75 I still like doing art But I need some guides to make the models This Kindle book has a tremendous amount of useful information As long as you can live with typo s and words not separated which I can you will love all the tips hints you will get The. This is the 5th and last volume of BLENDER THE ULTIMATE GUIDE the most complete guide on the famous open source

Spelling and run together words just about every sentence make this not worth reading I believe this was translated from Italian to English and while the content is robably important for beginners it is a very bad translation grammar errors and words smashed together without spacing makes it extremely hard to. D software In this volume we'll tell you in detail about freestyle render addons volumetric illumination Blender.

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Follow I couldn t even finish the book it was so bad I suggest a group of editors skim through the book over the weekend and fix these issues so this book can be added to an artist s libraryand for those who need the information from this book you can find just about anything in a tutorial on CGcookie on YouTube. Game Engine Blender 28 features Eevee Clay Collections Grease Pencil PBR theory 360 render motion capture MOCAP