By DANHAUSER Adolphe: Théorie de la musique

Ted to learn about in French and since the diagrams weren t as important to me as the terms I opted for the Kindle version If you re new to this stuff and wish to learn it from this book you can But get a physical copy because not all of the diagrams transfer very well to a digital format. Learn Solfè.

I bought this book because I go to a university for music in America but I hope to finish my grad work at a music university in France or at the very least teach music in French I already have a thorough knowledge of music theory but the way the French talk about music theory concepts is. Edition de Lu.

Different for xample the French use solf ge UtDo Si to talk about notes whereas in English we use letter names A G so I wanted to learn the French terms for the things I already had knowledge of within my English speaking brainThat said this book is great It goes over Design-Tech everything Ixpec. Xe relié For.

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