Bear Grylls: Burning Angels

I think these two books are my all time favourite Great action and what an amazing story Well done Hope you make a third A fantastic seuel to Ghost Flight A plot and story that rivals the first with a great build up and comes with an Almighty bang. A prehistoric corpse entombed within an Arctic glacier crying tears of bloodA jungle island overrun by rabid primates escapees from a research

Although not uite as good as the first you will definitely want to read this if you enjoyed the first one Well written Excellent stand alone or follow on from previous one Keeps you on your toes Expect the unexpected Always have enjoyed his booksec. N African slum holding the ey to the worlds survivalFour terrifying journeys One impossible path Only one man to attempt itWill Jaeger The Hunt.

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Fantastic action throughout the book The ending got my pulse racing and has ended the second book off nicely Intrigued as to how the third book is going to go What is to be of Kammler After reading Ghost Flight 1 i had high expectations of this book. Aboratorys Hot ZoneA massive seaplane hidden beneath a mountain packed with a Nazi cargo of mind blowing evilA penniless orphan idnapped from

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